Put the Human Back Into Marketing


All right Irgun. Can I get it. Oh Yeah Oh yeah yeah nice. Nice first of all like we do every single time. Thank you so much for taking the time to share your knowledge and wisdom is them with the enterprises. We certainly do appreciate it. I'm glad to be here. LC It's a privilege to be on your show and to have a conversation with the enterprises this now. The second question I always like to ask is for you to tell us about yourself now when I say that I mean feel free to go all all the way back to the day it all started or you can start more current day. Tell us about yourself okay. Well one of the things that drives me is innovation vacation and that will started. There's a photograph of May as a straight year old with a little camera bulks because we were having family portraits done and as a little oh very active and the camera box was the way to keep me kind of focused and keep me occupied while the photographer Agrippa was setting up the studio and ever since then. I've been interested in photography. I've been taking photos ever since I can remember when of into university city are studied chemistry and my first job was in photographic film and also that was Navonna for me but very soon after at the photographic film industry was completely disrupted by digital photography and I experienced firsthand. How a disruptive chief transformation like that and how the response which was to conduct at first panic but then to be an Australian bury the heads in the sand eventually lead to the demise of companies? Like AGFA who was working for like Kodak and so for me that was a lesson in an approach business and had a really big clear about water. It is you provide for your target audience. So in that case the companies believed L. providing film and photographic pipe about really without providing was a Maine's pfoa capturing memories as soon as. They were better ways to do that. More convenient opinion wise in this case then suddenly at products and services become redundant so the idea of innovation was always still is always forefront of my mind. I spent twenty years in the corporate world at the intersection of technology and manufacturing and marketing and also working with people and so the idea of how people behave in certain situations. And how does that impact on all of those aspects was always of interest to me in twelve years ago so then years ago I got fed up with the corporate world decided it was time to start something of my own. And that's when I started my business and overbid always focused on bringing that idea dear of innovation in marketing but the human aspect of it into the small business arena awesome awesome. So I'm going to take a step back and learn learned a little bit more about you. What's what's your favorite thing to do mentioned photography so that would have to be there pretty high up and the other thing that I d fall back due to his cycling? So it's Tuesday morning martime here. It's very early in the morning but already been out for a morning bike ride in a little park nearby. Hi with some hills in it and lots of Kangaroos and Koalas in the park as well got it. So how do you use your gifts or talents your superpower to help others what we do at another busy is essentially we help put the human back into marketing. How we do that is teaching teaching people to nail down to connect with their ideal customers to realize that it's not the product or service that they're selling as such? I have left to help their audio. Customers achieved a goal and that marketing is just not in the front part of the customer journey in not during the customer Rod through the full customer journey so even after the style. We're still marketing and building on those relationships. Got It now. You mentioned a little bit before you being in Corporate America for twenty years and he kinda got fed up with it and launched now in start your own business. What was the biggest trigger? What was the straw that broke the camel's back? Well actually spend a year or so in corporate corporate America. I was working for an American company for a lot of that time but by sting Australia and running a bunch of different locations internationally particularly throughout Asia Asia. I guess one of the things that was always challenging for Maven the travel we're going so travel was fantastic and also it was great to be able both to interact with people in different cultures and different locations and saline environments and learn about how people operated in those different environments but it it was a big strain on my family law fan personal life as well spending a lot of time in aircraft and queuing up in a hotel chickens and queuing up in yep accused and so on. I think the thing that broke the camel's back though the store was at one point I mean there were a bunch of reorganizations is Asians in the late nineties and then in nearly two thousand and one point I was one of only two people that were allowed into into visit another big corporation. It was one of our biggest customers and the relationship had deteriorated to the point. Where there there are only two of us that this company would actually live on site and would accept meetings from because we had personal relationships but the rest of the company? They they said. No we don't want to see any of the sales paper. We don't see any of the marketing papal even the senior managers now. We don't WanNa say them right now. So the culture of all of our company had deteriorated changed to the point that customers were not being traded ride anymore and I was always driven driven by working with customers in different locations. But then you know seeing the difference that we could make to customers so I guess when I realized that things have deteriorated to that point that was kind of the straw that broke the camel's back on. I realized I'm no longer enjoying this doesn't align with my values anymore that The really common theme enjoyment and being fulfilled. And when it's no longer fun is no longer fulfilling no matter how many people I talk talk to. That's the thing that gets people that point where they're like okay. Something's gotTa give. Yeah that's right. It becomes a real chore. I saw probably we spent ninety five percent of that twenty plus he is enjoying young to work. Yeah really being excited to get out and tackle the dice activities Eddie's but at the end it was like getting out of bed in the morning and dreading going to work and I know something's got to happen here. Got It so talk a little bit about your process. Maybe you did but most people. There's a thought process that happens when they decide that they're going to shift and do something different. What was your process? Yeah that's a good question. I guess I looked into one of the things that I'm I am. Good at. And what could I bring to the table. Full Small Business and also I'm GonNa go completely to the opposite end of the spectrum so local Michael and small business and I knew that there was a need day for putting some more structure into the business putting voting structure into their marketing actually investing in the marketing. So I'd outlined all the things I thought I was good at and that could help them with an in started putting together packages Marketing programs to go out and talk to people and to bring people on board so it was a little bit of planning and then starting to test in the marketplace. What would work and an early on those interesting because early on by probably struggled a little bit in terms of both getting people to understand that the head to be more systematic about? They marketing that I had to be more strategic and also at the time the global financial crisis had just hit so everybody was looking to tighten the bell and marketing was one of the first things that they so it could be put on the back burner and I wasn't really good at convincing people at that was probably the last thing that I should save money on at this point in time but a certainly that was a big challenge and what happened. was that in those days. Lotta people didn't have websites so I build some logged whipsawed saint-marc corporate career. And I said well I can help you with websites as well. So whipsawed was kind of a Trojan horse to get into businesses to then help them set up. Marketing Marketing Strategies around the website was one of the tools that marketing strategy. Obviously so that was the Trojan horse to get

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