Oscars 2020: who will have the biggest night?


Are the Oscars are this weekend who are you rooting for anybody on your list I like once upon a time in Hollywood I just thought that was a great film I love the cast awesome stuff several nominations for that film bills worker is joining us now long time energy reporter for the sun times still with five Chicago is a contributor and bill has followed many many many Oscars lot but you know I always loved about you bill you you follow the local entertainment scene so well and always told us such interesting nuggets about what was going on here well that's true I've always loved you know I mean I think that's important I think it as we all know how they moved in this world of of the current the twenty first century media I think local local local is the way to cope in general because I think that's what people really want to get because they can get you know the national stories from other outlets but but this is an interesting year at all well it's always interesting with the Academy Awards although I do think in certain categories is here there's there's some things that are pretty well said but I know we think of course they're going to go again this year without it without a without a whole list which I don't think it's a terrible thing I think you know well I'll tell you why I think so often unless you get somebody like Billy crystal who's always knocks the you know the ball out of the park I think over the years I think will be colder did a good job we recently had our critic's guide Bible to the critics choice awards which of the broadcast broadcast critics and you know we had two days he did a wonderful job and I think because he didn't try to overdo it you know came out was charming and didn't you know try to be too cute but I think sometimes I think people want to see who's going to win they want to see the presenters I don't think they want a lot of big production numbers and all those give me some wonderful musical numbers at the Oscars you know your health Elton John performing in and you know it's gonna be really quite quite wonderful in the court system the result of a few people who really are talented musically but it's gonna be interesting to see what happens on Sunday I can say I disagree too but I'd like the host I guess you're right but what okay what is a good host was a good house because right some of the host I kind of remember the Anne Hathaway that was a disaster and as much as I loved you know but she yeah I do too but she what that wasn't right for her at all and James Franco I think the the combo wasn't right and that yeah then they tried to do so many acts that an already long ceremony got longer and longer right letterman was not successful either you know so I mean and and I love him but I mean I just it's just a very tough job I will say that so I think sometimes a safe way to go is with out the host and we'll see how it goes David Letterman wasn't wanted the Oprah uma uma Oprah right rumors were rolling their eyes he's like I got to go and I got a key thing is we we didn't work we actually have some audio here from Billy crystal because he was just on Jimmy Kimmel okay crystal has hosted the Oscars I think nine times total nine times jingle himself is hosted the Oscars twice yes yeah he did a good job he did so the two of them had thoughts about the hostess Oscars here's here's what they had to say I always loved being out there I I loved the guess the trusts you know that the movie academy had a made to to get me out that I always I felt like there was a great honor to do it and I think that when you have a show that's as long as it is is going to happen and I think the problem with the no hosting perhaps is that there's not somebody out there to capitalize on that moment ledge view had when the wrong Best Picture right who could forget that the one that's right but he does make a good point there he does make a good point that you can can bring it into the moment and and capitalize on it that is a very good point I hadn't thought of that someone says something that you can sort of have fun with right that just sort of right out there and then they bring it back and make everybody sort of laugher connect over that moment we just had a listener say six three oh what about the la la land fiasco that would be weird without a host because sort of look at each other like what that would that would have been terrible and and then on a lighter note I mean it's great when you have somebody you know when when Jack Palance remember that the one arm push up you know on the sages many years ago and of course and you know Billy came out and made a great joke about it because you know those are the things that you love love to see happen yeah my favorite also I think was on my list of favorites I should say Ellen DeGeneres remember that a normal than the selfie she took and then when she was busting Steven Spielberg around a telephone tell take the picture you know when I could change my point of view you're either going to go maybe on your side your honor but you know I heard you it coming in when you talk about once upon a time in Hollywood that really was one of my favorite favorite movies of the year I see like bill if this one is sort of got a little bit of an unfair advantage because it seems like one of those movies that people in the industry natural sort of are drawn to because it has history of historical factor I know it's sort of a bag I would love to see it with but it's it's one of my favorite but I think all of the momentum seems to be from the directors guild of the producers guild all of the different wards have been happened sounds like it's going to be nineteen seventeen which I liked very much but technically it had some incredible you know incredible beautiful moments but my favorite if I was going to pick one it would be once upon a time in Hollywood or parasite which of course is going to win trust me it's gonna win best foreign film the people that are further further Oscar parties if they want to fill out there if you get if you get some of those lesser known categories right you can win the Oscar Poole I've no I bet it's true that's a good strategy that's true yes I have eight one five Oscars praying for no politics I need a break yeah what do you think we all do I think we all do and I think that will be that's one thing that I hope we do have because I think after what we've all gone through in this country in the last few weeks I think yes no politics is a very good suggestion but it's interesting because in terms of all the acting categories I think they're pretty well locked into a whole I think it is going to win and I think most people do what do you think what you got for best supporting actress I think well that's what the one category where there could be a surprise in the usually is a surprise the one category excuse me would be best supporting actress because even though most people think it's gonna be Laura Dern was terrific as a divorce lawyer in marriage story you know who could possibly slip in there because he has won a few things as far as people from little women who played one of the daughters and that's one category but I do think it's gonna be Laura Dern for best Supporting Actor it's Brad Pitt as one everything is beloved by many people in Hollywood you know it's sort of his his year in his time and I think that's a pretty much of a lock in for Best Actress it's it's I think pretty much going to be Renee Zellweger for Judy plank Judy Garland and although I would look I would be disappointed if there was a real real upset here in Jersey ronin from little women one because I think she's terrific but they're all these categories have great nominees and of course for Best Actor again it's probably going to be Joaquin Phoenix because again he won everything so far incredible performance I didn't see G. R. A. Renee Zellweger in Judy but I didn't know that that was not universally loved by critics no it was not what happened there was everybody pretty much loved her I mean I agree with this the movie itself was just sort of you know just so so I think the reason she's basically the nominee the only nominee for that movie there may be a cost and it might be a minor on the minor categories I shouldn't call minor but one of the most popular categories but the movie itself was not great she was what made the movie yeah I you know I I didn't see that because of sort of the reviews the main one that would be worth revisiting because I loved her and that was the online series where she was the rich woman who is trying to convince people a little comes of age is he was a recent series streaming and she was phenomenal and I just remember and she sings herself I mean the fact that she you know somebody's like a voice like garland which everybody knows so well the fact that you do your own singing I think is also a major push any and there's so many scenes in this movie you look and you think it's actually Judy Garland on stage and screen excuse me so I think it's and that's pretty much of a lock but there again you know you never that's pictures that that was one I mean I think it's probably going to be nineteen seventeen but I would be happy with virtually any of those you know that are up there there's nine nominees you know because they changed the rules a few years ago but you know a lot of talk this year the parasite which definitely is gonna win best foreign film it might be the first year that the best foreign film also wins Best Picture that would be somewhat of an upset but that would be a fascinating thing to see what is the Netflix series that Renee Zellweger was and I was trying to remember to remember bill out we only have a minute here but if you if you are going to the movies this weekend as I know some people do when they try to say Hey I'm gonna catch up on some of these Oscar nominated films what what was one of the films you would suggest the probably not many people have gone to I think I don't know I think first of all I think you know probably nineteen seventeen I think it's it's a kind of a tough movie to watch many ways but I think that that that seems to be the front runner for Best Picture if you haven't seen once upon a time in Hollywood definitely catch that and I'll tell you a parasite is be the third one because that is such it's got a real twist to it I can't tell you much and I would give it away but it that would be the film that is probably the one most unique dark comedy that come down the pike in a long time okay you got my attention on that I'm gonna check that one out bills record thank you so much for checking in with us at any time good to hear your voice same

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