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Today we're getting into. I cloud family sharing and this is is one of those topics that for longtime people had a lot of horror stories. This was kind of rough in the beginning. It launched way back in twenty fourteen but honestly it's come along way and I'm using it a lot of people we know we're using it and so we thought it'd be a good time to look at this feature cloud and kind of explain what it does how you get signed up for it. And maybe some of the pros and cons of moving into this new world. Yeah I was definitely the Canary in the coal mine. When this first came out I remember it was terrible title? It was it was horrible. I wrote some post about all the trouble I had and I think Dr Drinks said Sparky is unhappy. Then it must. It's really bad or something. Yeah eventually apple contacted me and They they. They took a look at our log and they kinda help sort. Some things is out but yeah it was rough at the beginning but this is something that we've really needed. I mean we've got. These cloud accounts has become increasingly. A part of our world and for those of us with families families There's a lot of of good to be had with a family. I cloud account. I gave it such a bad rap at the beginning. We kind of stayed away from it on the the show for a while. But then it's it's much better and it's something I could absolutely recommend now we we've been using happily for years and I know you have to. Yeah we signed up. Maybe two and a half years ago three years ago and it was pretty seamless. And we're GONNA walk through that process but before we get into. It family sharing a what it can offer. I think I think it's important. Talk about sort of the old way of of sharing purchases because that's really the heart of family sharing for most people. Is that if I buy. I NAP my significant other can can use it on on their phone and for a long time you could do that in sort of a a shady way and in my wife and I did this for years where we shared an apple. Id just for purchases. And then we were signed into our devices is with their own personal cloud account so we were not sharing contacts and calendars but we were sharing purchases because irs Mac os allow you still to be signed into different accounts for cloud and the APP store and the music store and all that stuff and they are still separate law against to this day. I think a lot of people did this again. It's it's a little sketchy it's not quite the way it's supposed to work but a lot of people did a lot of people may still be in that world now and there is a way forward from that into family sharing. And that's that's what my family did Y- I you know I question your your term sketchy though because I feel like that was kind kind of the only way to do it back then. You know this really started in the context of music because I mean this goes back to the the ipod really really. I mean when you had the the I tunes account on your Mac and if you bought an album. He went to the store and bought a physical album. Of of course you would everybody in your family would be able to use it. I don't think they ever intended for yet two by four copies of the album. Or maybe they did. I don't know if they did. That wasn't very fair a so so we all did that. And and that we're going to call that the legacy count throughout the show today and that still has has in some respects a dark cloud over this whole system and continues to be a thorn in my side too but it also kind of makes sense sense from where it grew but eventually apple did try to put go these cloud family sharing and the people who are able to start with that have the best world world right now in Minneapolis to the ability to easily share and everybody have their own accounts but but they do still accommodate those That's one of the reason why I don't think it's that sketchy I think they kind of understand. Yeah that's what happens and they've tried to build it into the system. The I'm getting the sense that it seems like that wasn't the initial desire. Like I think to be more fair. I would have bought nap and my wife would about the APP to write from a developer perspective. Bailey it's it's a little weird because as we're talking about family sharing developers can opt Out of so You know I don't think it's like the worst thing in the world to do this again. We did it for a long. I mean for a long time and lots of people do it just now. We have a better system system that is more designed to support this sort of sharing of purchases between family members. And I also think that Obviously the types of media media that have been purchased through. These ideas changed over the years. You know for music to two movies in and video media and applications nations and books and so because the the objects you purchase have changed. The model doesn't always fit exactly as I think it was originally intended it. It's really kind of a hairiness about too much but we're going to try and make sense of it today and help you get your cloud family Account and set up and figure out how to get the most out of it

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