Parasite's best picture triumph could begin a new era for the Oscars


For the first time in the history of the Academy Awards a foreign language film has won the Oscar for Best Picture Paris only to south Korean black comedy also won Best Director for bone June hope in the main acting categories there were no real surprises with winds hawking Phoenix and Renee Zellweger but just how significant is parasites achievement just before we came on air I spoke to Tom brook in Hollywood it is seen as a pivotal moment perhaps in the academy's history it speaks to the growing power of international cinema and we have because of the economy has made in the last few years to diverse supply its membership to bring in more international film professionals and this could well be reflected in the results that we got tonight which was parasite winning the Best Picture Best Director best into international feature and best original screenplay yeah it was it was a dominant performance at perhaps a bit of a surprise but in terms of the the main acting Casseres I suppose the win as well the people we expect yes with the actors I mean I I should just back up for moments to say what was great about parasites it was announced that made for exciting viewing because with the acting categories it was very predictable Joaquin Phoenix one for his performance in the film joka Renee Zellweger one the playing Judy Garland and Judy Brad Pitt one for his role in once upon a time in Hollywood his supporting role and Laura Dern one for her supporting role in marriage story and does the fact that in a foreign language film won Best Picture it is that perhaps goes some way to to meet the complaints of those who said it wasn't a very diverse set of nominations perhaps but I I I think that our site was really well light to the piece of cinema it was very adventurous still making so I think it was voted full on those merits in a way and people really light phones you info here in Los Angeles as he was on the awards circuit in the run up to the office he has a very winning personality and so do members of his costs and I think that had a powerful effect on people as well so it may well let's waste some complaints about the lack of enterprise in diversity with the other nominees and briefly that was a bit of politics in in some of the acceptance speeches yes read it made a reference to the fact that John Bolton wasn't allowed to testify last week in the Senate impeachment hearings and Joaquin Phoenix made an impassioned political speech about human beings not exploiting one and all that indigenous people and the universe our correspondent Tom Burke took me from the red carpet outside the award ceremony in Los

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