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Welcome to another episode of the Mac power users. I'm David sparks joined by my fellow Co host. Mr Stephen Hackett. How're you doing today's Stephen? I'm David how are you good. I'm doing great We're talking today about Catalina. And specifically capitalist APPs so we thought we'd have the Internet's favorite catalyst expert on the show John for he's welcome to the show. Thank you very much for having me guys. I guess I'm the favourite and maybe the the only I don't know I appreciate introduction. It's great to be here while you really took the beloit horns Mac stories when apple released east this this concept of Hey. Let's get IPAD APPS over on the MAC and and honestly. I was more optimistic about it when it started than we've had up until now we're GonNa talk about that during the show but there has been a steady diet of new APPs coming out that are built around catalyst since you've spent so much time covering it. I really appreciate you come on the show and sharing some of your wisdom assure thing before we get started go ahead and sign up for that. NPR newsletter. If you haven't already will put a Lincoln this show nuts. Lots of people are liking that. Get all the links from the episode and the information on the episode comes out the same daisy episodes Kinda Nice. Have that in your inbox John. I mentioned briefly. You're working over Max stories but you do you do a lot of things or stories a yeah. I've got a few different roles over there. I mean obviously I'm writing day in and day out with Federico and Ryan I also do a podcast with Federico called APP stories. So one of the things we've done a couple of times now is talk about catalysts lists catalyst APPs on that show And you know we we run club back stories. Which is our membership program as a subscription service service for people who aren't even more of the stuff we do so yep I keep myself busy with all those things John also is a rescue person so so when we were all at maxine together this summer and my flight on the way home got cancelled after it got delayed delayed delayed delayed and so I had to call John like hey? I don't have any clothes or anything. Saw The suitcases gone but I'm still in Chicago. Can I stay with you a night. And you're very gracious assist host me For extra night in your home and so you know. I'm not saying that anyone who get stuck in Chicago. You would rescue but rescued me in a lot. Well it was. It was a lot of fun and you know it's a little bit our houses kind of a relay. FM Halfway House in that sentence you get stuck in Chicago. You know you don't know where to go you're on the the street you can. You can stop by my house. That's that's fair. Well that's that's good. No Chicago a lot so I'll definitely show up up one day with my luggage. Sounds good. Maybe you'll be next David. But you know we talked about catalyst when we did the Catalina show and first of all why on earth did they name a catalyst the same year they're releasing an operating system called Catalina. Why did they do that to us? Guys it's really hard. I know that when I wrote my Catalina Review on Max Stories I wrote catalyst and Catalina interchangeably so many times and I was sure there was going to be a mistake in the final draft but Yes it's very hard to keep the two straight apple did They've sort of shifted their language. They call it Mac catalyst now. I wonder if it's because of this confusion by. Yeah I could definitely see that being the case because it is a little hard to keep them straighten your head. But Catalina Z.. Operating system and catalyst is the technology I guess and and what does the technology do for the folks that that aren't up on this. Yeah so you know Mac. APPS are built with something called APP kit which is a set of frameworks for building Mac APPs and when IOS debuted eleven years ago now it was based at its core on Os is ten now Mac os and but but over the year. The years those things grew apart. And you know I o s is you I kit and and that's how you build those apps and so what catalyst is designed to do it's to bring these two things back together to some degree so you can take you. I Kit APPs that are built on the IPAD and bring them over the Mac so that its simplest top level viewpoint. That's exactly what it is. You have an IPAD APP. You can bring it over into the MAC now you know. It was interesting when this was debuted at W. C. in June. If you just sat to the keynote you might be under the impression and that all you had to do is check a box. Yeah and you know you check a box and you've got backup. It's really not that simple and guests to apple's credit in the in the developer keynotes later in the sessions it was explained that yeah it'll run but it's not necessarily GonNa look like the best Mac Mac APP effort. You've got to actually do some things to make it more desktop compatible. So you know. That's that's one of the things that I think may have come as is a bit of a surprise over the summer to a lot of people is that it's not. This is not just an IPAD APP. Dropped on your Mac. You can do that. And there were some APPS at launch that were a little like that but to really have a good APP on the Mac. That's coming over from the IPAD. You have to do a lot more work

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