A truce is reached in the US-China trade war


The trade war between the. US present. China finally be ending the two sides of announce what's been described as an outline phase. One deal Washington has celebrated it. Beijing has been more muted. But but how long will this last will join me in the studio to discuss this China's specialist and former Reuters editor in chief David Schlesinger. But before we begin Monaco's Andrew Moolah sat down on a little earlier with the former Australian prime minister and President of the Asia Society Policy Institute. Kevin Rudd to his take on the US. China feud to be fair to President. President Trump He is Response to China in pot through the trade war. An impact through other instruments of policy have caused policy and political leaders in Beijing to sit up and take notice and it may have been as a consequence of Chinese policy overreach in a number of areas that the great American beer has finally awaken Being Awoken from its long hibernation in terms of what's scene unfolding and Water East Asia for quite a period of time although it remains for me completely unclear as to what the actual content of the future of American Grand Strategy Strategy in response to China's rise might be America at President in my judgment has an attitude about China is yet to give evidence that it's got a strategy for dealing with China China Xi Jinping's China has become much more assertive about its national security interests. It's view you all of its international economic engagements and the prosecution of that's called it China's understanding of its iron value system in the world. And you can see the influence of that through the various instrumentalities for example the United Nations and the Britain would system excetera in other words China's political economy the entity itself. There's no longer contained within its borders Because of its she is size. It's now seeping out big time into the rest of the world so China has been the Dynamic Mc if you lock in the last decade America has been somewhat static preoccupied with A combination of the financial crisis as well as the rolling wars in the Middle East aced. So structurally we now appear to be in an increasingly fractured world. Xi Jinping is reported to have said in the pulp hero earlier in two thousand nineteen gene We should be prepared for thirty years of struggle now with America eating the Chinese ten dolgin which is time which we hadn't heard in Chinese politics much since since the cultural revolution. It's now back. And so I wish I had happier tidings for you to say was heading in a different direction but I'm trying to be realistic about. He occurs within this wide debate on economic decoupling between the United States in China which the trade war is just one pot and depending on what element limit of decoupling in reality of perception. We're looking at The answers are uneven on trade. That's clear about it for China. The trade sector of the economy economy is thirty six percent of GDP America's twenty six percent of GDP for China. It's a half trillion dollar trade for the Americans one hundred fifty billion dollar trade so for China it actually has macroeconomic consequences lodge than it does For the outed states. Which is why our friends in Beijing? Whatever the public rhetoric would like to see this thing put to bid did but so does the trumpster is well because markets Markets will knock him down this ously If we go into the New Year without trade trade deal which is why I've said all year they'll be one Christmas. I was Kevin Rudd de the Foam Australian Prime Minister and Co President of the Ages Society Policy

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