Super Bowl LIV: The best ads from 2020

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All right super bowl commercials. We had Google try to make us feel better about the fact that they've Remembered everything we've said for years and years and years. Yeah was that an Alzheimer's. The woman had Alzheimer's they were basically doing the notebook but instead of her husband writing to her every day it was just like Google remembers all all the shit that you said right for your entire life and everyone. Isn't that romantic right. Everyone is like Oh my God. That's so sad and crying but then probably because our brains have been ruined by the Internet. We just sat there making jokes like yeah so they clearly have like over nudes to. Oh Yeah what was your name Loretta. Yeah real story so so they really went over the time now. I know I still feel bad. They stolen on everything from us. They've stolen our faces. Like I get the thought process here and it actually nice for anyone who might have Alzheimer's or dementia to hand that but that doesn't really like helping out some senior citizens remember. Have some memories in your machines doesn't raise the fact that you also have everything we've ever purchased and everything every conversation we've ever had in our identities and you're sold it all to like tracking websites in China right. You know what else like memorize every single thing about someone would be a pencil so in a paper that would also do it. This life life is funny that we're we're thinking about you. Have the voice right now. We're thinking old-school old-school os thou- sweet as. We look like a computer being nice and it makes us feel nice and Romantic Katamon. She artificial intelligence that is real panty dropper machines really did it University of Wisconsin saved dogs. No big deal. Yes in the big time and then the only other ones I remember as the Bill Murray. I'll thank you hate. That came out earlier in the day. I don't you hate him. Actually taught him. You Hate Raikkonen Conan Hate Bill Murray at all I hate. I hate the bill. Murray Industrial Complex. Where every time Bill Murray does something like this is funny? Click on this article right bill. Murray Bill Murray Stolen Old Lady's purse on the streets of Charleston South Carolina Classic Gag. So you hated this Ad. No I didn't. I didn't mind this one because the groundhog was pretty cute. Right that fat bitch we got we got sprint early. So early to call him a fat little bitch. Yeah I look like a fat little bitch all anyone fat bitch well. He looked like a little bit but he we got spring baby yes springs go. Fill Andy Reid gets to put on his short six weeks surly. To how much food is he going to eat like this is. I'm so excited to watch any read enjoy. This does does even drink. I don't drink. He converted to Judaism for the Poontang. Say after the game. He said he's going to celebrate by having a double cheeseburger. Yes it's great because this is a classic fat Guy Mover. It's like well not drinking so I can eat double Like I didn't have a beer. It's been like that his whole life. Put this double double. You know what he's going to do. Do A shitload of shots of milk. Did you see that story about how much he loves. Milk Oh yeah so. Anti Rollback store throwback story tobacco. Today packer coach likes his milk is was the headline break. This classic Wisconsin News showing his strength and farming contests. Green Bay Packer assistant coach Andy. Reid won the milk drinking competition since Saturday at June dairy day after Downing Twenty nine double shots of milk second place was a Wisconsin rapids radio announcer who had twenty seven so yeah shout any read legendary milk drinker. He also they used to do these to do. Some sort of fundraiser for I think is. Byu Back in the day they would send their coaches out to sell hot dogs. And whoever was the best hotdogs salesman getting like little prize little bonus was a fundraiser for the university diversity for the football team and Andy Reid always dominate in the sale. Of course nobody ever thought and he's just like buying eating them all buying hot. Go Shit time to pay the FIDDLER Shoutout to Aaron Boone by the way he predicted the exact score before the game. That's kind of impressive. He said at six o'clock for what it's worth I'm going with chiefs thirty one twenty So that's a win for the Yankees definitely so pinstr he won pins pinstripe for correctly. Ace should should Andy Reid pinstripes for that for through for us very slimming. I liked that. So who who won the super ruble ads. I'm just GonNa go with that and I'll tell you who wanted it doesn't even feel towards aren't real anymore like they're not the commercials. Don't matter as much because you watch simone. Yeah you watch them all beforehand. The Tom Brady one you want to. Do you want to mention that one. You call that Hank was GONNA be my. WHO's back of the week but Tom Brady? Is Back Not only as we said the show was that picture and advertisement for Hulu. He said he's not going anywhere in the advertisement and then it came. Report came out today that the Patriots are willing to pay him in thirty million dollars a year. which would make him the second or besides Patrick mahomes patron third-highest quarterback and he basically just told them that he just wanted them to get more receivers which yeah? I don't see why they won't do that. So they spend the money on weapons. I feel good about. Yeah would I feel good about birth coming back instead it now so instead of buying shady apartments for your players who already have have weapons he just wants to buy the bottom cut out the middle. I was like two point seven five breasts that wasn't even a pun. Well it was a word vicious indictment weapons is of the front office. That was those rally would tweet something. How dumb within Tony Brown feel after getting himself? Cut from the raiders. And then Tom Brady goes and plays on the raiders. ooh Yeah that'd be pretty actually. I don't think he ever feels Tom. I think he's No. He's only highly he's tweeted. Did you see the Instagram Post. Where he was just I think it was the Holiday Party for the Miami Dade Police Department in just said I'm sorry for offending any of you So he's on the ice back. I actually do hope that he's getting better. Kids like as we've said for the last like year now he's he's he's been pretty fucked cray cray. He's great great great great so Okay so Jeff Darlington last week by the way at the Super Bowl. I wanted to sit at a table right next. Hey you WANNA whenever seat. When I've seen touch knees thought that was funny All right before we get to our. WHO's back anything else on the Super Bowl Let's see March Orange Gatorade Orange Gatorade. That was a big big surprise plot twists at the nobody had just been sunkissed though Zone for Andy or just straight up. Orange juice I can see. I'm doing that are just liquefied cheetos dust yes so the purple the purple smoke was well it was supposed to be the forty niners but then there was the rumor that it was for Kobe's while it didn't happen Any other Oh. The Patrick Mahomes rushing bet. So that was the biggest loss. If you had to over thirty five and a half yards at the Andy Andy was taking knees but he was going further than just one yard back yeah. He was trying to milk milk. The clock a little bit right so we ended up with a think thirty rushing yards. He lost fifteen rushing yards my meals and the the over under was thirty five and a half he finished with twenty nine. Oh my God so we just take normal knees he would have been fine and normally I would say say. That doesn't really count as bad because such a random prop two super bowls just random props everyone bits random props so that is a bad.

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