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There's a movie now that you can see a Netflix. It's called the two popes and it stars my guest today. Jonathan Pryce and Anthony Living Hopkins. Playing guess what the title characters doing doing it brilliantly. So Jonathan Welcome Creek Pope Francis there. You are the big news now. About Pope Francis is his encounter with this woman in the crap out there where he sort of slapped her hand. Yeah Yeah have you been being asked this question now would I please slap really. Okay do I WANNA be grant. At the Golden Globes. There was a lot of Grabbing and pushing polling I was tempted to slap but I feel really sorry for him because people aren't seeing the whole whole sequence video where that particular woman grabbed him very yanked him yanked him and he's He's an Obama scientists bound to hurt. Well let's talk about the two popes in terms of the whole concept of you being offered this to play the The Argentinian Paul. Because we don't see him in the movie being the pope really walk up to that while Anthony Hopkins is playing Pope Benedict German. is you're an Argentinian to Welshman playing these. Yeah somebody must've said. That's that's what we need is to Welshman to do this time for Welsh. Pope was watching and watching. You play this. I kept thinking this other. Argentinian you play. which was one there? You are the dictator in a way. Pope can be a dictator but Pope Francis Go. You is the liberal reform. The one that wants to give them more compassionate look at the church. Did you have any trepidation about pilots. Just just just the usual about whether I wanted to do any of. Is that how you approach them. All Walk Negative. Say No no I thought uh I thought I'd be on a hiding to nothing representing this particular pope. But that didn't last very long. I read the script and won ten. You that Fernando Morella Morella was gonNA be directing it. I definitely wanted to do it and I think it was mainly to do with the fact that I'm not religious logistics. I was brought up in the Christian faith. I went to church until I was a teenager. but I found that this pope was the first pope who I thought was speaking to me and millions like me about issues that what. Mrs Narrowly to do the Church or organized religion but to do with politics and to do with speaking out up folding environment and about the economy about the injustice is the during the world so I he was someone for great empathy towards towards and help. That looked like him a bit and I walk like came definitely Even though you've got ten years on me you could sneak into the the Vatican may be busy and just an take over there and do what you would need to do there. Does that give you a feeling when your plane that that this was what I would do if I win. The pope shoes. I wouldn't be so presumptious to fix that but I'm glad he's doing what he's doing And obviously he's got. There's the whole church and Vatican side of things which he doesn't seem to be able to deal with those conquer but when you're constantly reading lots of stories about how he's disliked within the Vatican because he's a reformer and people don't want that change and I think that's that's why he became pope. He was be made pope in order to make these changes. Otherwise so why choose him because he was in the never been an odd uh-huh latin-american Pope and the film implies of that we don't necessarily know the truth. That benedict wanted Bagogwe uglier to be the next pope because he saw in him things that he could not even he couldn't do he saw in many ways his opposite didn't they and this is it. I didn't mention this in the introduction but benedict was a pope who retired. WHO said I'm not going to do it anymore? And so we have to popes who Are Alive in this world today and they're the clips at the end of the real popes in seeming tab. Having a really terrific time when I sold the first Kata film I was bit disturbed. They were showing the real popes at the end of the phone. Because I thought it would invalidate everything. We've been doing for the previous to house. But what you see in these two men is a is a the committee this just a welcoming the way they they greet each other with great affection and you can see the respect. They have for each other and far from taking away from our performances it they it enhances. It gives an element of truth to what we were doing. It's a really terrific script. Ns Two popes one of these two guys talking to each other which sometimes scares people when they go to the movies. I want that but yet a mirage as a director makes this movie move. You've so beautiful to gorgeous thing to look at. It's also sometimes. Polaris that's going on. Did you all know that that was what was going to happen before he did it. No no what's what's wonderful about. The film is that it It's such a surprise for audiences once don't you don't you. You gotta get them in there and then once they're in that It's a surprise Because it's it's much funnier than I ever expected. And and the audience expect and I think the way we made the film there was no. We didn't have many preconceptions. I don't remember ever talking onto Tony. I'm going to be like this. And he said I'm going to be like this and finance and I want you to do this. That and the whole process was really organic bound because we have the the strength of that script bit underneath his you know holding us up and when I saw it and the way Fernando put it together other because he says his work starts in the editing room he lets us do what we want and encourages us to go certain ways but when I they do what they want to that yeah good directors do that they let you think your your your coming up with the Serving quietly feed and things in your ear they let you think it's your idea So when I saw it I didn't know it was going to be so funny. Rondo humorous. I mean that first scene of your character trying to book his own plane reservations on the fault. Yeah probably apparently did that. That's what he did but it's the post game I saw with a big audience was telluride. And because you I don't know what to expect and that moment the right at the beginning of the phone web the audience laughs as one. The huge wave of laughter. You can feel the audiences sir. I sent me sat by a few. And they're going to enjoy this and the you can feel the audience sitting back and saying this. This is going to be okay you can. It's like Yep okay you know bring it on make happen and yet it also doesn't avoid the controversies that exist within the church. Now the whole thing with the problem priests they're predators that are there and also their histories. Can you talk a little about his history. Go Yeah it back in the seventies in terms of Argentina. It's all mostly. It's all in the film and we didn't shy away from it. The way were applauded and thanked thanked by the people people in Bonus Iris. When they sold the film we had a screening because they that fear was this is going to be a whitewash elma? Crossover Haggi Auger fear Goglia. Because he is still seen as a divisive character in Argentina because of his perceived involvement involvement with the cardinals. I've found on Youtube footage of him being interrogated by or question by his peers fellow cardinals about his involvement with the colonels. And you see a very different man the man you see smiling on the balcony. And he's made pope he's he's he's very doer he's quite angry. I think he's impatient. He's drumming his fingers on the table. And I put that image together with talking to a Jesuit priest and bonus. Who worked with him? I who said they didn't like him. He was Very always stays. Ah Stay by himself. He didn't mix I he was he never smiled. I'm when they saw him on the balcony. This smiling pope. They didn't recognize him because he was smiling. Didn't person yeah. But then you do get the other side of him where he is in the film you see him Saying mass and the kind of the slum township areas and and the other side's members very popular so it's not a a a bio-pic it's not a huggy overview of this man. It's a it's a Watson Study of him and I think we've been fair to him because we all respect him and admire him And we had a screening in Rome three or four weeks ago were members of the Vatican Cambridge theory and They said they liked liked. That enjoyed it And a particular Cardinal WHO's a friend? WHO's a friend of Love Benedict and of Francis He'd liked the phone very much. Fernando the director said. Do you think we were too hard on the church. And he said you went hot enough woo but he also said that he thought France would like the film and he wanted the DVD to take them to show him the film. I love so That review see that. Yeah well what do starts right. Yeah that'd be good and also from France's family in Argentina. Fernando got an email to say that they'd seen it. They enjoyed the film and they liked. What we've done Representing their uncle. That was that was really nice. Colon uncle Uncle Horace to two years. How were you and Anthony Hopkins together? You know. You haven't made anything or done anything before. Really WE'VE BEEN ON A. We're both on the recording of under milk. Wood the Dylan Thomas Poem that was produced by George Martin. Twenty seven years ago the Beatles producer and Tony was first voice. I was second voice and you come twenty seven years later. We're in Rome and the coal sheet has You know you're rated as the importance in the film. The number and I was number one and Tony was number two so it was my revenge after twenty seven audit your greet each other even morning with morning number one number two. It went on from there but we. It's interesting the what happens to the two men in the film is reflected. Did what happened to Tony. And I because you know in the film you see two men sort of sniffing around each other like a pair of dogs like where each other Eh Wary of Tony but I was. I was I I'm an aura of Tony Hopkins. I'm a great admirer of his. So I'm not played late into those early scenes and as you see the pope's relationship growing so my friendship with Tony grew and It is the equivalent of both of us. All of US tangoing together by the end of it. That's a good way to put out.

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