NFL Renovates Gwen Cherry Park Football Field

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Gwen Cherry Park. which is in Liberty City is where players like colts wide receiver T Y Hilton in former steeler Antonio Brown grew up playing pee wee football yesterday yesterday? NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell showed up here to unveil a new turf. Field and several. Local officials spoke at a ceremony to commemorate the occasion the in addition to building strong children Mister Dale. We build champions here. The gwen Cherry Paul Bulls have one six. Pop won a super bowls. And I think that's the total number of the Patriots have won so we can't be doing too bad and at the moment as we speak fifteen. NFL players will come from this part does NFL players include Teddy Bridgewater Amari Cooper Delvin. Cook Labonte David remarkable list given that Liberty City is home to around twenty thousand people. I spoke with one of the neighbourhoods. Youth coaches not. My husband's father tyrone my name. Is Taro Hilton. I coach I don't know how many kids but there's a lot of kids in Miami here Gwen Chair Park coaching since nineteen ninety nine. So I've been coaching in for a number of years and I enjoy coaching these kids here. What does liberty city like? You got to be your own man like I tell you why you gotta be on Man Maybe neighborhood you have a bad and you gotta good but it's up to you to follow the good. You know you see wrong over there. You don't have to go way wrong. You go way right. Just do the right thing. So what was it like when you were growing up here when I was growing up here it wasn't as bad as it is now. You know you got more games You got more stuff to Troubled kids can get into right then and there. You know You fight you get back together as friends now you fight the guys see you next day you know it kill you. You know. That's that's the hardest part about you know growing up. Here is my violence now than when you're a kid it's more violence way is more violence more violence you see a gunshot You know you duck and everything. It's it's really tough stuff you see on. TV Israel who are some of the NFL players. He came from this neighborhood. Wow it's a whole lot. You Got T. Y.. Hilton you. You Got Tonio Brown. You've got Teddy Bridgewater. You Got Devante Freeman. We own a football field. devante Freeman on that bill. devante Freeman wasn't running back always always had devante Freeman at quarterback so I turned Costa offense. He walks up to coach running back. I put him at running back. I actually really did and I said wow look at this kid him before I knew it. He's running back next level. They take them through the mill. They take him to the ground. You know Tamp Down Bill Amok yelling at them screaming at him to make sure to get right. That's why you see motives. Were colleges now come. They come down. They told me Nick savings over like four times last week. This is found. This is this is to ground right here. There are so many activities comfort. You know whether it's on the pee wee we level what is on the college level whereas school level. You know to get good quality coach. I remember watching you coach Peewee a few years ago. I think there there were like four five year old kids but usually four or five year. Old Kids it's just run run run you know one kid. Everyone chases they are running place. Yeah T- wise little boy. I think you saw touchdown still remembers on that side of the field. And it's just a football instance. Now here I mean you see a little kid at four and five stopping on a dime going across the new and it gets better and better as you grow up. You Know Glenn. Cherry Park is now hosting the third generation of the Hilton family. On the ninth field. Open tyrone son. Ty brought his own sons nephews to practice and carry on the family tradition receiver for Jerry. Pollock just taught me everything I know we had. We had star pledges sit on a bench waiting for the competition was always there to competition was always so you know always full five deep. Every position always wanted to give back community. You know Chad Johnson did Repairman data for me to follow in the footsteps. She knows on your identity paid for this is why we're gotta gotta you know so. I'm always here every year every chance I get another workout so I'm always you got my son. You know my my close friends you know Rochelle. Oh Cato Buki Raj and my tight end I used to play for the coast. Ross traveled. No He's in second grade and he's playing with third and fourth graders in my my son Jean. They're dominated seventh grade football and basketball. They have lost the game. Never know the kids that I grow with you know a lot of kids. That's competitive competitive. Drive as you so I wanna see that you know because you know anything competitive job. It ain't like this so you know it's pretty special. Oh absolutely you never want to forget where you come from your mom and dad always I mean on no forget where you come from so I always always come back to give back to the kids. Let them know you know. I was saying shoes I was in the same season that you can trust me. You can do it

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