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Microsoft releases Surface Duo preview

Tech News Today
2 months ago

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Microsoft is nearing the release of its dual screen devices the surface neo and the surface duo. You may remember these from last year. Oh you bet I do and apparently do 'cause is your like really excited right now as such. It now has announced new dual screen preview. SDK's of course so that developers can begin to prepare for for this Microsoft infused dual screen world So you know if you are a developer and you WanNa Kinda get a head start on developing for for the duo which is the android dual screen device that Everybody was was Doing flips over last year. There's a preview. SDK For or the surface duo has native Java. API's that support dual screen development so the developers can get started android emulator with surface duo image preview. That's integrated graded into android studio for testing android APPs. That way. You know. This doesn't come out in. Your APP doesn't scale across both screens properly or does something thing really weird which is probably going to be pretty easy to do yes exist be having some issues at kickoff. Yeah absolutely and and even if everybody's prepared it's probably GonNa Happen anyways. I and then apparently on February eleventh Microsoft is going to really do a pre release version of the windows. SDK To support this native windows. API is for dual screen development Microsoft. Emulator that actually supports and stimulates the dual screen device. This for APP interactions. Same thing there but I think what really caught my eye on this was that Zach Boden from windows. Central All took the surface duo emulator surface. Do of course is the android device so took the the new releases that support the surface duo and the android emulator I been released two minutes of footage of kind of how APP interactions look at this current state. It's not perfect little buggy but it really shows you like how things move fluidly between both screens and how all that works and then join us day day hurt. Hope I'm pronouncing his last name on twitter. He's a product design. Zayn and visualization expert. Took that video file output and embedded into a still of the surface duo. So you start to did a sense of what was going to operate when it comes out and I. I don't know it's pretty cool to watch kind of how things kind of fluidly move from one side to the other. There's a there's a part where you know you're on the home screen and the bottom row. Pin DICONSA stretched out like right now and then when something comes up on one screen those icons all kind of shift over on one screen and a nice fluid manner This is more than we've seen yet. Absolute farce how this works so what we saw. We saw someone hold up a thing and then they said holiday twenty twenty and then they put it away so this is this is a lot. Yeah totally so yeah. I'm intrigued. I'm I'm curious to know how you feel about dual screen devices space away now. I'm super pumped about this. When anti covered the The the windows event where they announce new hardware and of the hardware these Neo Duo were part of it. I was already excited I think it it was called. Was it the courier project. That windows did many millennia ago. I remember just drooling over. Think it was like a youtube video Watching watching it over and over again and just wanting this dual screen device that they had created at the time and that got shelved got put away got tucked away on the late to it. I'll put it in the dock for excellent John and I wanted it to exist so much and now you know seeing the neo and duo and being happy with what Microsoft has done in hardware. As of late I actually have faith that the company can deliver on a Well done device and I'm pumped about it. I think it'll be interesting. And so yeah I dunno I seen this actually have And I think it's going to be ruled out to developers soon just more pushes forth the idea that yes this definitely will be a device that's going to exist and other actively working on it and it's holiday twenty twenty Might actually be a great estimation of tech. So yeah I'm I'm pumped and end. I can't wait to see even more as more developers get their hands on it and start working on These devices yeah I I really hope I. It's Microsoft so I have to imagine and they're gonNA come out of the gate with something that's really solid. As far as this is concerned but I'm also an Android user and I know that over Mike My life confusing android my adult life using android there are a lot of things that promise to be really cool and sometimes that works out and sometimes it just ends up being kind of Clue G. and kind kind of feels broken or unfinished or whatever since Microsoft is driving. This maybe maybe I should have a better kind of more positive outlook on it. Then an and and I kinda do I think Microsoft probably going to be able to pull this off pretty well But I'm still like slightly hesitant like okay. Maybe it just sounds like a great idea but then once you get your hands on it. It's not quite as cool as you think it's going to be but I think it's it's I love to see the different. The different