Elizabeth Warren confronted by angry dad over student loan forgiveness plan


Senator Elizabeth Warren was spending time in Iowa were recently in Grimes Iowa I've been to crimes I say we're all familiar with but you actually are I'm sorry you can hit a golf ball cost crimes so she's in nine of the handshake line think I think the console free market actually do right uhhuh and a guy is always a guy comes up and confronts her yeah and we want to play you the the confrontation because I think that this guy represents so many people listening right now I know represents me the audio is really distorted and it's kind of hard to make out it's because some so whoever was recording it wasn't standing there were they were talking in there's a pop up in the room so when I go play for you because not to be able to make out what they're saying anyway so I in today's episode we're going to have Bruce Saint James play the role love angry dad and hi Pamela Hughes will play the role of Pocahontas I'm sorry off site off site all right so you see real lines are yes I see rifles okay you you pick up okay is there the selfie line I agree college dad steps up to senator Warren Allen says this Gober's my daughter is in school I saved all my money just to pay student loans can I have my money back of course not so you're going to pay for people who didn't save any money and those of us to do the right thing get screwed my body had fun bought a car went on vacation I saved by money he made more money than I did I worked a double shift working to get extra money yeah you're laughing at me no I'm not I am but I do appreciate your time that was the exchange that's how it went down how did I do and seeing that we're gonna get you know it but the joker but how many P. pull how many people can can put themselves in that situation whether they've paid for their daughter's college tuition or are saving for right now like my husband I are or pay for it themselves like I did and my husband did we took out loans knowing what that meant and that we had to pay them back and so we did and that was one of the happiest days of my life when I was able to send in that final payment on my my college tuition his college tuition ridiculous now yeah absolutely it is but the V. the way to fix that is not by going three college for all because that's in essence what senator Elizabeth Warren wants to do her student debt plan would cap debt relief I fifty grand and it applies only to families making less than two hundred and fifty thousand dollars a year and she thinks that she could do this without even congressional approval this is scaring she wants to do this her first day in office and says you're super scary to me here here's the reality of this that it comes across to some people my guess is again people without large student debt is unfair yeah as well I have large student and this is still on fire because actually paid mine well okay so play along with me here what about mortgages what about car loans what about credit card debt like you why are the decisions you made to take out loans to incur debt for what ever reason somehow god going to be forgiven by the government what other people who didn't go down that path our they just missed out soccer but but on the yeah that's what you kind of feel like I'm gonna buy an RV on the flip side though you know mortgages and well what other did you use car loans and credit cards this call be wiped out bankruptcy student loans canine but it is super rare that they ever all are because you're gaining knowledge you're not gaining something tangible as in like something that they can we can we know we can't resell them in your so I think that there's a bit of a different argument there but one of the reasons why or several of the reasons why I'm against free college for all I'm a firm believer in having skin in the game if you earn something if you work for something you are more likely to to work hard at it if you're just given it they don't feel like you appreciate it as much the other thing I don't I don't know you I think there's something to be said for that he the people who took a summer job the people would save their money to go to college I I feel like they're a hell of a lot more invested in the outcome what do you think about it this way you turn sixteen and you've been saving money baby sitting or taking tickets at the movie theater or whatever it may be and I you're a you you managed by hoop Dee right and and you're so proud of this ride because you worked so hard to get it verses the kid down the street that mom and dad just gave them a car now I think you both have different pride and there are and that's kind of how I see this but when you're talking about like free college for all we're gonna have a student loan defaults are going to increase you're going to have completion rates decrease because this I don't you out you have a I was at a issue if the class gets really hard or if you haven't done the work groups what what do you do what you can withdraw at a certain point but when you go to take that test again have to pay for it right so what's the big right so now let's kind of go free college for all who cares take it again thank you again times take it again and then like let's not also forget how how are a lot of colleges paid for like where to get a lot of their funding from a issue you have a and a U. federal federal got a guaranteed loans from the federal government they also get a lot of it from the state yeah and Arizona has cut those funds routinely but that comes from our property taxes right so you are going to have your property taxes go up in order to help pay especially since the student loans are going to default because there might be some people going to college it really shouldn't be there I'm I'm but I'm really for some of you screaming on the radio and I enjoy that part but I I do want to acknowledge something there are people out there with horrendous amounts of student loan debt yeah okay arm and part of it is driven by part of it is driven by the fact that colleges and universities have jacked the price of an education after the root for and the reason they've done that is this becomes a chicken and egg argument because they know you'll pay it yeah and when they know you'll pay up they raise the price and when they raise the price you pay it I've always said the only thing that's going to change it is when people stop attending because AS you and you have a will lower the price when there's three people sitting in the classroom and until that point if you're willing to pay anything then yeah guess what the cost is how much you got yeah I just think that what you're also doing is setting a very dangerous precedent people are seeing this right now this conversation about free college tuition for both but I think there was there at that non not like you know what I'll take out the loans because you know what four five six years from now the government's going to forget

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