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Welcome to no filler. The music podcast dedicated to sharing the often overlooked hidden gyms. It's the fill the space between the singles on our favorite records. My name is Travis. Gummer brother Quentin with me. Last week. We talked about about Paul. McCartney's MTV unplugged live album so we thought to ourselves. You know we just talked about the greatest rock musician of all time. And one of his live records WanNa talk about the greatest best selling live album of of all time and that would of course be Peter. Frampton comes alive it's called Frampton comes And that would be called Frampton. Hampton comes alive So here's the thank you about this record. This was You know one of those constantly in the background of our childhood type albums right but I can honestly tell you the I only know now the three songs everybody else associates with this record right right I mean I I've never I've never. I pulled it up in hit play and and pay attention to it so the ones that I'm familiar with our show me the way baby. I love your way and and do you feel like we do. Yeah so you know. That's essentially like to me. Though songs are synonymous with Frampton. Even that's my that's the beginning in the end of my frampton knowledge. So will the thing about those three songs. I if you if you've heard Peter Frampton on the radio you've heard these versions of of the Euphrates Alive version of those. Yeah it's interesting. It's like. Yeah they were all released before. This live album came out but like so years at a band uncalled humble pie as the guitarist Before he did his own solo stuff and when he branched off and did his own thing I mean when he was on the charts but he would be pretty damn low on lists. It wasn't until this album came out that he was starting to see any Kennedy success as a solo artist. So I feel like a lot of it had to do with the time that it was released so this live album album was released in one thousand nine hundred seventy six A solid four years into him getting out there doing his own thing touring constantly Eh. His first full length album as a solo artist was in nineteen. Seventy two with an album called wind of change. And Yeah there's a couple songs. It's actually quite a few songs on this album. Wind of change that he does live on. Trampling comes live but yeah he just for whatever reason season like no one really seemed to care about them until this album came out just going to read some stats here. Because it's pretty pretty pretty ridiculous so as of two thousand eleven. This record has gone platinum eight times. It was voted album of the year by Rolling Stone In nineteen seventy six. It was in the top ten for the majority of seventy-six once it came out and it was at number one for ten weeks straight and a lot of it had to do with the facts that Ah. FM Radio was starting to do was called album oriented rock stations. You know which were the you know the is. It's basically basically like what we think of when we think of you know like genre specific. FM Stations. I think our dad used that exact phrase when he was on her your episode yeah he was a DJ around this time dude. I'm sure he was playing. The shit out of preempting comes alive But yeah so so laying shit you right off the vinyl plank playing what playing just like your phrase playing playing the shit out sometimes subject to stop and think that's a funny phrase that humans came up with Playing the shit out of something but anyway are you really taking that Shit and going somewhere with it or you just taking are just dropping off shit into the toilet you mean like Oh yeah when you take shed shed. We're going to go take a take you're gonNA. You'RE GONNA go take a shower Reagan ago. What were you doing with it? That's mean Linguistic I do Linguistics Person On. We'll get to the bottom. Okay so Yes all of those things he said it is incredible. I feel it's I mean to me. It's like you hear the audience there. I mean he he he able to I mean was it. Where was it recorded did he did? He packs eight. You know this is actually four different Concerts okay yeah so Two of them were Our New York in nineteen seventy actually. All of them are recorded in nineteen seventy five Two of them were in California and the other two. You were in New York and I don't know which track belongs to what set you know what I mean but to put things in perspective One of the recordings is from Avenue called the Winterland ballroom in San Francisco in June of seventy five and and this was Frampton. First Time as a headliner. was that show six months before this album came out you was the opening act six months. He wasn't headlining before. This album came out. Basically like nineteen seventy five was his first headlining act and and that set was actually recorded and ended up on this record. I just think it's interesting to me. Abandon put a library at another other. You know until they have enough like you know I. It seems like something that doesn't happen until much later after success. You know what I mean like. After six happens happens you put out a best of album or alive L.. Yeah they took a gamble for sure. Do you think it's one of those things where it's like. This guy is just so much better live that you know we need to. We need to put a live record because it will sell better than his other stuff or there's so many great songs from all of his other albums uh-huh at how they put up before this wind of change and seventy two frampton camel in seventy three. Something's things happening in seventy four and then a self titled Album called Frampton became on Sarah. You relief for radio. Yeah Okay Yeah this is interesting you know it just makes you wonder like what the what the thinking was. Maybe it was just one of those ways for the record the record label to get get older songs to be on the radio again. You know what I mean like. If you put out a live record then all of his old catalog is now new again in a way a new record. It is the way so what I love about this album and I found a really great copy of it probably like a goodwill or something a while ago so I've had a record copy of it for Awhile so I've listened to it all they through quite a few times. There's something about the way that the microphones picked up the audience and like his reaction you know in his little. Will you know conversations with the what the audience in between the tracks. That makes it a really special. Listen

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