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Stolen Lives: The Skelton Brothers



On the day after Thanksgiving in two thousand ten ten years. Zuber's reported her Three young sons missing from her home in Miranshah Michigan. Her husband was supposed to bring the boys back to her on Friday morning but he never did. The couple had been living apart in plan to divorce Andrew. Nine Alexander. Seven and tanner just five years. Old had spent thanksgiving Thanksgiving Day with their father. John Skelton Win Tan. You tried to get them back the next morning. John told her that they were with a friend of his. John then turned up at a hospital. Following an apparent suicide attempt in the years since family and authorities have searched for the skeleton. Boys is without success. John Skeleton has refused to disclose their whereabouts. As time passes the chances that the boys will be found alive continued. Can you to dwindle today. The quiet end. We're discussing the details of the Skelton case and the possibilities of what happened to these three young boys in stolen lives. The skeleton brothers will go over family history and the timeline of events in an effort to better understand what happened and if anything can be done to bring these boys home. So we've got a Nice Michigan Beer for you today. From one of my favorite breweries. This is is K B S Espresso. KCBS stands for Kentucky Breakfast Stout and it's got coffee in it hence the Espresso. This beer is is an American imperial stout clocks in at twelve percent alcohol by volume. So you and I will be splitting our twelve ounce serving the beer is from founders. Brewers I said located in grand rapids. It's a black coloured beer little tiny tan head but did leave a little bit of lace on the side it is a glass and when you get the aroma. It's boom coffee just smacks you in the face. Ladda coffee little bit of chocolate taste. I follows the nose big hits of Espresso followed by some chocolate and the end of the SIP. You can get a little bit of Vanilla. This is a big bodied beer. Little bit on the dry side which is fine with me very nice beer. Let's open it up. Then you got it and off. We go to the quiet end where it's pretty quiet all right. That's descriptive descriptive. Well why don't you go ahead and start the story. I mean it's it's a difficult one it is and you would like to think that the kids are you're still around somehow and all their father has to do is tell us where they are exactly. That's the frustrating part. But I don't think they're around anymore. The skeleton family lived in Marinsky Michigan in two thousand ten and Miranshah small town populations about three thousand as located near. You're the Ohio border. The father John Skelton was raised in Jacksonville and he is thirty nine years old when his three sons went missing when he finished high school John joined the army a move several times he lived in Washington. DC worked at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda Maryland it also spent some time in Alaska and California and eventually he became a truck driver. He and Tania Nia married in two thousand and two actually Tan Ya. I know that doesn't seem right. But that's how she is said that she wants pronounced. Excuse me we'll start over John. Tanya married in two two thousand and two now they had both been married and divorced was previously tenuous first husband filed for divorce from her after she is charged with criminal the Middle Sexual conduct more on that later. According to many people including Tanya John knew about this conviction now John worked for several years and Tanya stayed home with the three kids according to tenure the problems in their marriage began after John Lewis is job job following a Dui yes so Tanya filed for divorce from John Skeleton Back in September of twenty ten before that attenuates say that their relationship was pretty good but Tang you did have history. Tanya had two older daughters from her previous marriage and and she did have a large support system of friends and family nearby but she was far from perfect years before her sons went missing before she even knew John Skeleton. TANU had sex with a fourteen year old boy and she was convicted of fourth degree. Criminal misconduct for this in the late. Nineteen he nineties. But it's believed they. John knew all about her past before he became involved with her but still he would end up using this as ammunition against Hanya claiming naming that she had been sexually abusing his sons when he abducted them. And that's where he took them. He wanted him out of the house right. That was his claim. It's very difficult to believe John. Skelton will find out because he has an ever changing narrative. Yes he does so in September of two thousand ten and John Thiel Tanya that he wanted to move the family to Florida. His parents still lived in Jacksonville where he had been born and had recently gone to his high school reunion there so he had as we said lost his job in Michigan after his Dui conviction and in Florida he told Tanya he could get a job. Bob and the boys could get to know his family now. Tanny didn't WanNa live in Florida and she also had that felony conviction on her record. which meant that? You'd have to fulfil oh specific requirements with the state of Michigan before she would be allowed to move. It was Monday September thirteenth. Twenty ten when John said that he he was leaving for work but that afternoon he signed the three boys out of school. The school called and left a message on Tanis home phone and the school schools secretary had called because she was confused. Tenure had brought the voice to school that morning and dropped off their medicines and lunches and everything but John came in that afternoon said that the family was going on a vacation to Florida and sign them all out of school early. So tenuous confused. She called John After after speaking with the school secretary but he was very vague claiming that he discussed with her taking a family trip to Florida and she had said she didn't want to go with them but Tanja said wait a minute. We talked about maybe moving to Florida and I was looking into it. There was no talk of a family vacation. So it's not really making sense. Let's not sure doesn't bear we've got two divergent reports here. So a friend of ten is called the Miranshah police and spoke with chief Larry weeks weeks offered to mediate between Tan. Yan John so he contacted John and he learned to John and the boys were still in Morandi. John had also set up a meeting with an attorney. This didn't make any sense at all right. And if you supposedly going on vacation in Florida why is he doing all this stuff. Exactly exactly. He's up to something joined told chief weeks at. He is taking the boys with him to see the beach and they were being Florida for three to four weeks so this just this wasn't right. Tanya s John he was taking the boys out of school when the school year had just begun then. He said that he would enroll them in school down there which was even even more confusing. I mean the entire situation was raising some red flags. If this was a vacation why would the boys be getting enrolled in the Florida schools. Also she knew. He couldn't enroll them without their birth certificates and she had those so she tried stalling him for time as her adult daughter's met with an attorney on her behalf and the attorney told her daughters that the only way for tenure to stop John from taking the boys to Florida would be for her to file for divorce divorce from him and ask for emergency custody of the children so things escalated quickly. Where the sure did could it would sound to me? Like he was planning Dan taken into Florida and staying Florida absolutely now. He's going to enroll in school and stuff so share. That's the worry very much so so at this point. John's been driving around town with the three boys. Tenuous stalling him and she said I'm going to look for the boys birth certificates so Johndroe back to the house. Once he's at the House tanny pretended to be looking for the birth certificates. You know she knew where they were and she was stalling until daughters could return with the legal paperwork and then an officer was prepared to serve John with the papers which would make it illegal for him to leave the stay with the kids. Yeah but coincidentally it ended up that both Tan Yan John had met with the same attorney. But because Tanya's daughters had met personally finally with the attorney and paid him before John did Tanisha was the one who retained his services so unfortunately the attorney's office called John and told told them that they couldn't keep their appointment with him because Tanya had hired him and this set John Off. I mean he was furious now he felt like she was trying to trick cam so John left the house angry of course but he did leave without tanner the youngest boy because tanner had come into the house and was kind of hiding behind behind Tania's legs so John Yelled at him to get in the car because his mother was lying to him but he just cried and didn't go to his father Tian her friend protected checked tanner from being taken by John but the two older boys Alexander and Andrew were outside playing and John was able to order the older two boys into his van Tangy told him he couldn't take the boys but he ignored her. The papers for custody were prepared. But you know John hadn't been served with them yet so. John sped out of the driveway in his van. With Alexander and Andrew tenuous sister happened to be walking up the street toward the House and John Nearly hitter hitter with van but fortunately she was able to jump out of his way but John Actually left just minutes before Tana's daughters arrived with the divorce papers in hand the end so John was able to escape Michigan with his two oldest boys and he drove all the way to Florida. The next day he allowed the boys to call their mother. It was her birthday. They actually and they told her that they were swimming. And staying at their daddies friend's House Hillary but ten. You didn't know who Hillary was. She was actually one one of John's friends from his class reunion which he had recently attended down in Florida and he talked to Tanya About Hillary after he'd returned from that trip so Tanya was able to find Hillary's address and contacted her attorney and he gave her papers which gave her exclusive. Custody of the voice Tania Tania's mother intangible. Two daughters drove to Jacksonville to pick up Alexander Andrew and to bring them back home so by that Friday they met with a sheriff's deputy to accompany them to Hillary's apartment complex and the deputy was able to serve papers to John and take custody the two boys the local district court and the sheriff's office were involved so they had to meet with the judge before they could return to Michigan with the boys. What a mess? Yes so they actually had to hang out in Florida for a bit. She's so the following Monday tanny and her mother hired an attorney in Florida and John also also hired an attorney so in front of the judge at the hearing. John immediately brought up tenuous previous conviction for having sex with a fourteen year old now. This was quite a shock for Tanya because John had never indicated any problem with her past admitted that he had known about tennis history since before they were married he had married her and had a family with her and had never before raised any issues about it. So the judge called the court back in Michigan and this is a court familiar with the scouting's uh-huh case and it was determined. The TANNIN would return to Michigan with her sons. Then was the crossed. The line in Michigan tanny would have full custody rights so finally things seemed to work out correctly and after returning to Michigan the boys were back with their mother. John asked Hanyu if there was any chance that they could could work things out and stay together now. Tanja would later say she felt she was really done with the marriage but she agreed to counseling in order to help with co-parenting the boys and keep John Happy so to keep John from becoming angry. She did pretend that she was still interested. In repairing the marriage to John they were working on the marriage when he was anxious for things to get back to the way they were but Tanja felt she'd never be able to trust John Again. She and her attorney made the decision that that it would appear more favourable though to judge if she allowed John to have some time with his kids so instead of maintaining the exclusive custody that she did have a right to you and keeping the boys away from their Father Kanye decided the best thing to do would be to allow him some time with them and she said at this point she really really didn't fear that John would take off with them again because when he'd done it before she'd followed him to Florida and brought them home so he should have known that she wasn't GonNa to let them get away with it again. I guess she also kind of rationalized that he wouldn't leave with them because she had kept him under the impression that they were going to get back together as a couple

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Stolen Lives: The Skelton Brothers

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