Doris Miller: US Navy aircraft carrier to honour black sailor


Aircraft carriers are traditionally name for presidents but on this Martin Luther king day the navy says it's next carrier will be named for an African American sailor who overcame segregation to become a decorated war hero Miller was a mess attendant aboard the battleship West Virginia as it lay anchored in Pearl Harbor on that infamous day in nineteen forty one the black sailor was sorting laundry when the bombs started falling against all rules he manned the machine gun pre war war to African Americans were not allowed to have any jobs where they handled any type of lethal force acting secretary of the navy Thomas Moseley notes that it took months before Miller's actions were officially noted and when President Roosevelt finally awarded him the navy cross there was lots of controversy because of his race Miller died less than a year later aboard another ship sunk by the Japanese but his legacy will live on in the nation's next aircraft carrier the USS Doris Miller

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