Molecule of youth happens to be concentrated in our skin hair


Of youth happens to be concentrated in our skin hair eyes in joints he says this a substance not only dramatically influences our appearance the words are younger how healthy we look but more importantly our physical strength our flexibility and mobility this is our ability to do things let things get around be physical today we're gonna learn more about this once mysterious substance how new breakthroughs are allowing us to get it back and keep it as we get older all right bill Sardis here bill is an author he's traveled around the world in search of information about hyaluronic acid or H. AG is it's sometimes referred to back from his recent trip to a small village in Japan where people maintain high levels of HA and are famous for their ability to defy the aging process bill welcome to the program great to be with you Pat and all your statements to introduce the show today are certainly not overstatement after years of people using oral hyaluronic acid supplements well of course we're going to give your audience the report today an update and an improvement how things are going as thousands of people have discovered how the support in particular their joints but also their skin and their eyes and of course their hair and so on these are the areas where the body actually is highly concentrated in HA

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