Are the Houston Texans a strong Superbowl contender?


But this morning the Texans or early this afternoon they went twenty three twenty the first question I brought up is first of all Texans they're not like the other three might not even be like the other two they're not like Baltimore other not like Kansas city they're not like the patriot style you got to wonder what happens when they meet in the playoffs if they do I don't have this confidence that this team is a Superbowl could the other no I'm totally with the army and listen even last week when they did beat the tie ins to kind of take control the division if you look at the box score the tie ins out gained in the tie ins maybe for big chunks were the better team and even today against Tampa Bay it was just one of those deals where you keep waiting for them to completely dominate if your a real legitimate contender yeah I know they jumped out to that big lead you got it you got to put the put your put your foot on the throat of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers so I am totally on board with you I know they just beat the patriots a few weeks ago I get it I don't think they're in that case see Baltimore even New England tear because obviously they would have to go to New England in the case of a playoff game I'm a hundred percent with you on that and and by the way how do you only score twenty three points when James Winston is the ball over to you like or intercepted run one back for a touchdown and and and you go ahead and you always scored twenty three points that that's very concerning it is a hundred percent I mean listen the the offense struggled all day today and I understand it was an early kick off and it's a short week and it's a Saturday but it's it's like I just said a minute ago we are now at the time of the year where you need to be playing your best football I just don't think the tech the Houston Texans are doing that right now so I'm with you a hundred percent on them and part of it was listen James was that all that stuff but independent of James being bad that was a chance for them to make a statement they didn't I I I'm I just I've been very underwhelmed by them like I said I know they beat new in that a few weeks ago but I've been under one with

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