Simone Soars: Biles named 2019 AP Female Athlete of the Year


In the gymnastics world the four foot eight inch Biles is considered the gold the greatest of all time she owns twenty five World Championship medals the most for any gender thing what I've done it it's been an amazing experience and I don't think I could be more proud of myself after winning four gold medals at the Rio Olympics Simone Biles took some time off and returned stronger than ever she also spoke out for change in the wake of the Larry Nasser sexual abuse scandal that has shaken USA gymnastics to its core we've done everything that they asked us for even when we didn't want to and they couldn't do one day on the job you had one job you literally have one job and you couldn't protect Simone Biles is now looking ahead to Tokyo in the twenty twenty games she edged out women's soccer star Megan Rapinoe in a vote by a P. member sports editors and a P. beat writers I met Donahue

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