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Gioachino Rossini 3: Overtures



Hello welcome to classics for kids. I'm Naomi Win. Overture comes from the French word for opening vow to. That's what they called the piece of music that opened ballets and operas in Seventeenth Century France. After French overtures became popular all over Europe non-french composers started pending the name overture onto larger pieces of music those overtures or sweets as we now call them consisted of alternating fast and slow sections but they always started off with an overture in the French style. A slow introduction followed by lively second section today the kind of overture we know best is the dramatic overture a piece of music. That gets you ready for a stage. Work that follows sometimes. Those overtures consists of a bunch of hit tunes. That work like the overture to Jacques Oven. Box Operetta the Grand Duchess of Charleston. Dramatic go all the way back to the days when trumpets announced that some royal entertainment was about to start. That's the opening to one of the earliest opera ever written or fail by Claudio Monteverdi. Good overtures really. Get you in the mood for what's coming up for instance you can tell from the very first note that something serious is going to happen in. Mozart's Don Giovanni overtures set the stage for plays to Egg Mont by Gooda is obviously a tragedy as you can hear from the overture that Beethoven wrote for it but when you hear the overture Felix Mendelssohn composed for Shakespeare. Play a midsummer night's dream. You know it's a comedy. Actually Mendelssohn didn't originally right. His overture for production of the play. His midsummer night's dream is yet another kind of overture. A concert overture as the name says it's meant to be performed on a concert and doesn't have to have anything to do with anything. Theatrical lots of times when composers were asked to provide music for a special occasion. They'd write a concert overture. So that people who were sitting for a long time at some ceremony didn't have to sit through a long piece too when you're honest. Brahms composed music for the ceremony at which he got an honorary university degree. He made all the students happy by putting their favourite drinking songs into his academic festival. Overture lots of concert. Overtures were intended for patriotic purposes. Like the one Tchaikovsky wrote for the dedication of a church in Moscow. Tchaikovsky used that occasion to celebrate Russia's defeat of Napoleon in eighteen twelve tchaykovsky certainly knew how to put a rousing end to an overture and of course Soda Gioacchino Rossini. With one he wrote for his Opera William. Tell one of the things where Seaney put into his William Tell. Overture was a musical thunderstorm

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Gioachino Rossini 3: Overtures

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