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January tenth twenty twenty. I am going to begin. Today's show What the exclusive news I had on the Royal Family on Yes? Today's Atrium doing this. Because I know there are a lot of you Royal Family fans out there and I'm starting to I'M GONNA start to report fort more about them in light of what happened with with Harry and Meghan because it's really an unprecedented developed and historian going anywhere for a while so I'm going to be commenting on it a lot. I've got great sources on the Royal Family. I've been cracking stories but then for a long time but I'm GonNa be doing that on Patriot but I'm GonNa give you yesterday's exclusive today so this is because I want you to jump on board join the growing on army who get into real good inside story and really getting more and more of my personal reports. So here's what happened the other day and by the way no one has reported this but my bro- family source is impeccable and I read a lot of reports today and a lot of people that are great things to say great commentary but nobody's put these facts together basically. What I'm being told? Is this whole thing started November. Megan apparently pulled a hissy fed. And she wanted to spend time with family because Kate who she does not get along with as you know Kate was allowed to to do it with William Liam and basically look totally different story because Kate's family lives in the UK. Not In America. And you don't get to go away for six weeks It just be fucking reasonable Megan but no tell you megan's a certain kind of girl. I was on her. I was on her as when she first got involved with. The family. Never never trusted this girl. I know people I know people who went to the wedding and said she's Great. She's really sweet and actress born in L. A.. Who might have been a Yada? OUGHTA which more and more it looks like she was. I feel like we're getting played a lot. I wasn't play but I felt a lot of you were but I do find in this story fascinating. The only fascinating component of the royal family is happening right now anyhow. What happened is with the six week vacation pissed off a lot of people and in a little? While after that the whole Prince Anju Jeffrey Epstein thing was blown up getting worse and worse and then it really culminated in that terrible interview which she just looked awful and very guilty and that bet interview really had the queen. Charles and William pissed off they wanted Andrew out of the family for embarrassing the Royal Family so when they approached Andrew I android more or less. Tell him that he went beserk and he said look. There's no technical proof That I did anything wrong. And if this were a matter of humiliating the road family. That's one thing but not done anything that makes me guilty. He's full of Shit but but he was just cleaning the straws. Basically saying look if I need to go then Harry. Megan need to go to because I know too much dirt on that marriage on her family on her background. And it's GonNa Throw me out then I'm GonNa Bring Them Down with me. That was his edict to William Charles and the Queen. So now they're out of the mind. What the fuck do we do with crazy Prince Prince Andrew? They decided well. You know what this has become an abomination in the eyes of their British subjects. We gotta do something right away. And it is speculated that You know he made it clear he was really GonNa fuck with Megan and Harry so they They decided to write spot. That you're all done. Andrews Gone Harry and Meghan their wax statues at Madame Toussaud's as dawn. It's out from the Royal Family Really display. This is unbelievable. What's happened and like I said I'm not a big role family person but I do think this is something that's happened that we've never seen before and I don't WanNa see it again if we ever see again but there is something fascinating meeting about Megan? Not because she's a fascinating person but because she entered this family and clearly she doesn't belong in. If I'm going to be really honest honest I said this from way back in the day Harry got a piece of a black girl. He can't shake and she's changing him. She's changed him. I'm not saying change for the worse us but when you convince this kid to leave the family who they were they were kind of going to do it already. But at this Prince Andrew Cole fight Brouhaha made it official. You're all out so now I'm going to see how they sink or swim and I think that's going to be fun to watch but I'm GONNA be doing more stuff and especially I'm going to bring back the Princess Diana story that I did in this podcast. I began and there's a lot of issues. I have and different theories I have that happened to her. That tunnel sodomy doing a show on Princess di so look like I said get on the Patriot. You'll see when these shows are coming up for me and I'll give you the opportunity to jump aboard anyhow. I WANNA touch on how correct I was again with the whole Jussie smollet bullshit here. We are year later and everything. I said what happened is happening. A Cook County judge. I'm sure you might fine. Hurry has ordered Google to turn over Jussie smollet. Emails is photos location data private messages for the whole year as part of this special prosecutor's investigation into this bullshit attack that he had in Chicago. So after subway at two o'clock at the fuck out of here so there was too sweeping search warrants and Look these really give you the first glimpse CBS at the direction. The probe is going to This special prosecutor named Dan Webb has been on this for about four months. Now and the warrants filed last month in Circuit Court. They sought a huge amount of documentation from Jesse and his managers is google accounts. I'm glad the manager got tied up in this not just emails but also drafted and deleted messages any files in their Google drive cloud oude storage services any google voice tax calls contacts search history web browsing history location data. They're fucked talked their Fox. They they wanted for a whole year from November two thousand eighteen to November twenty nineteen even though the key events in this whole controversy controversy took place between January and March. They want to see if there was if there was talk leading up to it. You get the point. They got him did they. They they rallying around him now and they're going to be looking for any kind of incriminating remarks that smell at or his manager made in the months before after if it's incriminating but before if there it was setting it up and I'm so glad like I said this Kim Fox that fucking state attorney Kim Fox. She so crooked she so crooked. She's the one who declared the dismissal of this of this claim and God it made everybody think Jesse was right after all always not reidy so full of Shit. But I told you we're going to go after Kim Fox and now the search warrants got signed off December sixth ext and now man. This going after. Google is phenomenal. Tell You I've Like I said to my patriot. I've got to appear at the Harvey if you want steam trial in in in early February because of a an email or text. I'm sorry because of a text I sent a text. I took a picture of an email l. to someone else and they've got that and now I've got to go so when they WANNA get after somebody they can get after you Guys been full of Shit for a long time and I'm glad this is happening and search warrant makes clear that Chicago cops are are helping this Guy Webb and his investigation and the Chicago Police Department hates this jerk off. They hate Jussie smollet for making them work so hard embarrassing that Rahm Emanuel can't stand him. It's GonNa be great but I think just as interesting is that manager having Google overturned his well. That's ransacked taking your googling going through Bat Scotto feel real dirty but which warranted and that guy's been a real line douchebag just back from day one. I wouldn't be surprised if if Jesse.

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