Religion and Foreign Policy: Bridging the Divide


Good afternoon we are going to get started now. Thank you for coming to the Council on Foreign Relations Luncheon. I'm here. NFL SCANS Vice President for the National Program and outreach at the C. A. Far As you all know we run a religion in foreign policy program. I'm trying to bring together religious scholars. And policymakers we hope that you will take advantage of the resources that are has to offer including foreign affairs there's we just launched an election twenty twenty Porto on our website. That's falling on the candidates Help you will visit as well as podcasts and videos does it should be informative over the course of the next year up to the election day. We are nonpartisan foreign policy. Let's see think tank. So we present nonpartisan resources which are very hard to find these days so come often to see if our dot Org. It's great to have you here. Let me introduce our distinguished panel. They're gonNA join up on the stage now and we will have about thirty five minutes of the conversation amongst them and then the last three minutes will be devoted to questions from all of us so think about what you WANNA ask. Ask and join the conversation. And I'm pleased to turn this session over to breathe ESCADA. WHO's the executive director of the Center for Religion Civic Culture at the University of Southern California? I will turn to her to introduce our distinguished panel. You took a the.

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