Is Mbappe joining Real Madrid?



A lot of talk about the future Kilian Mbappe a heavily linked once again to Real Madrid. Two main question. Suppose do they want him and coming. They afford him yes they want him yes they believe they can find a way to afford him. The Ramage's position on this in a way has been cleared for very long time. They want to try and create the conditions in which they can make this happen. That obviously involves the Playa. Doing his part on a force out involves draw trying to drive the price down and and they know of course in the shape of parts that they have incredibly difficult advisories. They have an advisory he can decide. The money doesn't matter so this is where the doubts life around Judy's he's about getting him out of Japan because I also believe it's possible that there is a risk that it's not just about the price is about the willingness to sell a any price of if that happens of course they were then have to wait into a point at which the regulations mean the price is set on their behalf. How key in? This is also will the Dan so everything goes wrong for round the next few months Saddam leaves. How much of a play in this to get emba- pay to Madrid? I think he's emotionally a very important player I think he's important in terms of the way the MVP sees it. I think important from Madrid's point of view because he's seen as a link to combat pay impart. That's this is a genuine I think imparts lazy from from everybody's point the what he's French he must be close and so on but there is truth in that that said this goes well beyond that it's strategic I think both from Ramage's point view and while oversee from a from a Spanish perspective. I know this robin less. But reading between the lines appears to be very clear that this is part of Mbappe as long term strategy even if Saddam wasn't there do you think what we're seeing at the moment is patroness start to create something because we've seen the fighting with Toco not once but twice on the touchline when he's been substituted. I don't think he's trying to create something to so that you have the pathway to go to rail Marie and you create a tense environment. I think he's doing it because he doesn't care for Thomas Sue right. I don't think the two do things are connected independent of each other. He's saying I don't respect this manager. I don't respect this guy and a byproduct of that. What is opening a door to remedy it so but I don't I don't see the connection between the two? You know getting substituted used to be a human humiliating experience billions. It used to be as pleasant gotten a lot of software. No it's just a click road but you know what the bottom line is. The best players the biggest players the biggest biggest names they want and be on the field and they won't school. Go on Palliative while you. I'm just looking you already know now. Now's not listened. There's a reason. Poppy is where he is in football today at such a young age he has a huge drive. He's got an EGO. He wants to score goals. He don't want to get shocked to children. We don't we don't see though that age we didn't see that sort of attitude. You saw Aja arguing clearly on the touchline. I don't remember cheat point no good. Aw humiliated now.

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