Why Can a Mongoose Take on a Cobra?



Now available on the iheartradio APP. Or wherever you listen to podcasts. It will come to brainstorm a production of iheartradio. Hey brain stuff lauren. Vogel bomb here. There aren't very many animals out there that could could fight a King Cobra and eat it for dinner but a mongoose is one of them before we go any further. Let's talk about Mongoose. In general have you ever seen among us. There are twenty nine species of them and not all of them. Look the same but they are all long bodied short eared. SORTA weasley looking animals. They they aren't very closely related to weasels. Though if you're an animal in the order Carnivora which is the order of mammals are mostly carnivorous and have teeth adapted for flesh-eating you can either be on team dog or team cat. Weasels are related to dogs. And however much mongooses look like weasels they. We are firmly on team cat fact. A mere cat is a type of Mongoose and cat is right there in its name. Mungo says live in colonies and most species. He's live in Africa. Although one species the job and Mongoose has been introduced to Europe and is also wreaked havoc and ecosystems all of the world especially on islands like Hawaii. Puerto Rico and Jamaica although mongooses are small. They're bright feisty and what scientists call non-discriminatory predators. That is if they can catch or kill it. They'll eat it up to and including venomous snakes and an animal like that can do a lot of damage on an island. But how can it be. That Skinny Mongoose can take on one of the most venomous snakes in the world. Like the Hulking King Cobra whose venom can kill an adult human. And around thirty minutes the grudge match was popularized in Rudyard kipling's eighteen ninety four short story Rikki Tiki Tavee. But that's not the only time among us has contributed to popular popular culture a Hindu fable about among us in a snake dates back to at least three hundred. B C E in the nineteen thirties. A family on the Isle of Man claimed claimed talking Mongoose named Jeff Spelled. GEF by the way lived in their walls by turns threatening them protecting them. Killing rabbits for their dinner and telling jokes in the story became a tabloid sensation and the paranormal investigation. That resulted is the subject of a recent book called Jeff The strange tale of an extra special talking Mongoose News in the real world a few specialized traits have allowed Mongooses to add venomous snakes to their list of entrees for starters mongooses uses are quick and agile and have strong jaws and thick

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