In Trump case, NY grand jury appears near end of its work


A grand jury in New York appears near to finishing its work investigating Donald Trump over a hush money payment to a porn star. Police in Manhattan dropped off barricades yesterday, making preparations as a grand jury shrouded in secrecy draws closer to a possible indictment of former president Donald Trump. Trump claimed over the weekend, he expected to face criminal charges and urged supporters to protest his possible arrest, but reporters appeared to outnumber protesters at approach Trump gathering yesterday where the AP spoke with Gavin wax with the New York young Republican club. This never happened before. This is unprecedented. AP correspondent Mike balsamo explains that this is the state investigation after the federal probe that landed Michael Cohen in prison. There is a legal theory being explored in New York, looking at whether or not the violation of campaign finance laws could also be applied as a state offense. If that indeed is the case, it could increase the penalty for making it from a misdemeanor into a felony. I'm Jennifer King.

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