On this week's AP Religion Roundup, Paris' iconic cathedral prepares to re-open, and ancient runes reveal the Norse god Odin's deep history.


On this week's AP religion roundup, Paris's iconic cathedral prepares to reopen, and ancient runes revealed a Norse God Odin's deep history. French officials say the reconstruction of Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris is going fast enough to allow its reopening to visitors and faithful at the end of 2024. That's less than 6 years after a fire ravaged its roof. France's culture minister rima Abdul Malik says that they still have work to do after the visitors return. Reopening to the public in December 2024, it doesn't mean that all the renovation will be over. There will still be some renovation works going on in 2020 5, but the cathedral will be open to the public. Authorities have made the choice to rebuild the 12th century masterpiece of gothic architecture, the way it was before. That includes recreating a more recent 315 foot spire. The army general in charge of the colossal reconstruction said the iconic spire will gradually start reappearing above the monument this year. He also says that the reopening means that Notre-Dame's archbishop will restart services at the cathedral. Every day, about a thousand workers endeavored to restore everything from the stonework to the stained glass to bring back Notre-Dame. Scientists have identified the oldest known reference to the Norse God Odin on a gold disk unearthed in western Denmark in 2020, a pendant with the inscription reading he is Odin's man, was in one of the largest troves of gold treasure ever found in Denmark. It's one of the best executed runen descriptions led I have ever seen. Lisbeth Emer is a runologist with the national museum in Copenhagen. She says the runes are evidence that Odin was worshiped as early as the 5th century. At least 150 years earlier than previously thought. We have had some indications that he might have been in the conscience of people earlier, but this is the first solid evidence. Experts think the cash was buried 15th centuries ago to either hide it from enemies, or as a tribute to appease the gods. I'm Walter ratliff

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