Markets Mixed as Debt Ceiling Bill Could Threaten Liquidity


Bitcoin, Ether, and other top tokens are down, and markets trading mixed, but mostly lower. Traders of risk assets broadly, though, are paying close attention to ongoing movement towards a multi -year suspension of the U .S. debt ceiling in a deal that has both Democrat and Republican members of the Business As Usual club declaring victory. The agreement passed the House last night with majority support and now heads to the where it's expected to pass as well, before being signed into law by U .S. President Joe Biden. You might think that with uncertainty around that threat and default likely to soon be over, that risk assets would be hopeful, but that's not exactly how things may work out. Once a suspension is signed into law, a few things are expected to happen. First, the U .S. Treasury will have to refill its almost completely depleted Treasury General account, also known as the TGA, which means selling some $500 billion worth of debt into the financial system, which means they will be extracting that much cash. This is likely to hit risk assets in particular, as they tend to be more sensitive to liquidity conditions than safer plays such as bonds and many groups of equities, macroanalyst Noel Acheson said, continuing, The Treasury drawing down its account at the Fed was one of the tailwinds for the market earlier this year. As money that would normally just sit there was put into the economy in the form of government expenditures, Acheson explained. She continued, Now the reverse is likely to happen. The government needs to replenish the account balance by issuing debt which will draw liquidity out of the market and back into the Treasury's

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