Relativity Space’s 3-D Printed Rocket Fails Just After Launch


Were damaged. The world's first 3D printed rocket made its launch debut Wednesday night lifting off amid fanfare, but failing three minutes into flight far short of orbit. Although not carrying any cargo or satellites, this test mission was designed to give engineers just an idea of how the booster performs at the launch pad as well as in space as it turned out the first stage did its job following liftoff and separated as planned, but the upper stage appeared to ignite then shut down, sending it crashing into the Atlantic. Chicago's top doctors addressing a rapidly spreading a potentially deadly fungus, the CDC has been tracking candida Auris since it was first detected in the U.S. 5 years ago. It's now been found in Illinois, 27 other states and Washington D.C.. Doctor Ellison already says Illinois has been doing a good job at containing it. Behind the scenes, we have some work that is able to quickly compare that list of individuals who are coming in to

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