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We have who should be, what should be the lead story today? The Nuggets advancing or LeBron possibly retiring. Right now, eighty one percent of the audience say the Nuggets advancing. Chris Manick, Sports Illustrated senior writer. He was there last night, game four, and he joins us probably on very little sleep, if any sleep at all. But Chris, thanks for getting up with us. The lead story should be the Nuggets advancing or the possibility of LeBron James retiring. You know, if you say anything but the Nuggets advancing, you've got a swath of middle America coming after you for the disrespect that's been shown the Nuggets. But when you have arguably the greatest player of all time dropping the most significant hints about his future, not including basketball, that has to be the main story. And, you know, I was in, as you said, Dan, I was at the arena last night. I listened to Darwin Hamp speak first, then went over to the Nuggets side to report out some stuff on them. But I was watching on my phone the LeBron availability. And from the very beginning, it had a very strange vibe to it because he was asked by multiple reporters about next season, you know, what the roster needed. And a couple of times he just wouldn't delve deep into the future of this team, the future of himself. And then at the very end of that media availability, kind of unprompted, he says, I've got a lot to think about this offseason. So, you know, this was LeBron wanting to put this out there, wanting to convey this message during this media availability. And look, what it means is certainly open to interpretation. This was probably the most draining season of LeBron James's career. When you factor in his age, when you factor in the mental toll it had to have taken on him early in the season to be going through all the stuff with Russell Westbrook and the dysfunction of the team. And then you have one of the one of the only major injuries that LeBron suffered during his career. And then you have to factor in the minutes he's playing that just physically wears him down. So it could just be, Dan, that he was exhausted physically and said and said what he said because of that. Or as we've often seen with LeBron, it could be a leverage play. It could be him, you know, putting this into the universe to put pressure on the Lakers to do exactly what he wants them to do this offseason to make the team better or else he'll walk away. Yeah. But didn't we have this last year when he had a leverage play and he brought in Russell Westbrook? Now it's Kyrie Irving. Maybe. I mean, look, one of the biggest surprises in recent memory for LeBron was that he signed that extension last summer. Like there was no need for him to sign that extension. Like a one year extension was always going to be available to him. I understand the rationale by signing that extension. And he took the topic of him leaving in the offseason off the table. And that, you know, in theory, at the time, eliminated a potential distraction. But he didn't need to do it. It was a surprise that he did it. He's always been about leverage, Dan, whether it was in Cleveland signing all those one year deals, signing the short term deal with the Lakers more recently. This could just be that. Like, you know, he's he's always been able to use his power to get what he wants out of an organization. You're right. It was Russell Westbrook a couple of years ago. That, you know, absolutely was a disaster. But if LeBron feels like he can't do it without a true reliable second star and look, we can debate the reliability of Kyrie Irving all day long. But if LeBron feels he can't do it without Kyrie Irving, you know, there's there's some value in putting it into the universe that he could walk away. Yeah, there's there's nothing that's accidental with LeBron. It's all calculated.

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