Mike Cernovich Weighs In on Media Bias Against Republicans


What are your thoughts on so you're talking about kind of this personality, this charisma? On how the media is typically always against Trump, at least the left wing media. And they're against desantis, but not as much kind of depends on where Trump is. Maybe they want to benefit from pitting Trump against desantis, but pretty much desantis gets more positive mainstream media covers than Trump. So would that be because he doesn't have as much at that personality? Do you think it's because of his political views? Why do you feel like Trump is going to be the one who's vilified first? Well, because desantis hasn't fully run nationally. Remember, desantis was killing grandma, 60 minutes did that special on him claiming that he was giving the vaccine to a politically powerful donor and even Democrats because Democrats wanted everybody vaccinated were hyperventilating over that lie by 60 minutes because they're going, oh great, desantis was getting people to the most popular market for distribution of the vaccine and now you're saying that it's fake or corrupt or something. Good job. So even it was weird even Democrats were saying this is too far and it's probably going to torpedo their mass vaccination plan. So a lot of it is that he is just not the national stage,

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