Chaos Erupts at the Southern Border


Breaking today as the Democrats continue trying to put the former president behind bars as there were some kind of, I don't know, banana republic two bit banana republic, we actually have real problems. And they're abhorrent behavior shows they have no real effort underway to actually focus on the problems at hand. I mean, no wonder the country's in such bad shape right now. News today, that authorities confronted 16 people at our border just last month that were on the FBI terror watch list. They were all arrested in the month of February alone. Meanwhile, we had some 150,000 plus crossings. Again, new records being hit almost every month. We are not in good shape and it's very dangerous for our country given the amount of drugs that are coming in. The federal government, meanwhile, spending all kinds of money, millions of dollars to store all that unused border wall material because, oh, that was Trump's idea in Trump's bad and they want him behind bars. That's the reality of the situation. They are playing politics when I think it's really, really important for this nation that we get serious about the real issues at hand. Hello, welcome to the program. I am Trish Regan portions of this show are brought to you by legacy precious metals, go to legacy p.m. investments dot com for more. Again, a 150,000 people apprehended in the month of February alone just wait. Just wait until title 42 gets rolled back. And it's going to be really unmanageable. For more on this worsening crisis, I am joined today by Brandon Judd, president of the border patrol council. And it's good to have you here. Thank you for taking the time, Brennan. Trish anytime, I appreciate you having me. What's it like, really? Right now. Well, unfortunately, I live this nightmare every single day. My agents and I, we have to deal with something that this administration could get under control tomorrow if they wanted to. But we have seen time and time again that they just have no political will. They pander to their open border activists. If you look at the west wing, it's filled with activists. And when you have government that is filled with activists, you can expect to see the chaos that we're experiencing on the border and it's a completely unfortunate because it puts American lives at danger at risk. And we could save all those American lives if it wasn't for the unfortunate policies programs and operations that they've taken away from us. They're just not giving us what's necessary to be able to do the job. You know, it really shows you how politics gets in the way. Over and over and over again. So instead of doing what's right, one protecting our country too, protecting these people from the predators that they are so vulnerable to right now. Instead of doing what's right, we're doing what they think is going to play in Peoria. They think that this is going to resonate with their base. If you ask me, it's the most inhumane way of approaching this challenge. The only thing that they care about is a reelection. That's it. And if they think that what they're doing is going to get people to the ballot box, they're going to do it. And that's what we see time and time again. Politics seems to have taken a front seat to what's best for the United States. What's best for our U.S. citizens as long as they think that they're going to be able to remain in power. You know, a lot of this is like, well, you know, it's Texas's problem. You know, let them deal with it in Texas. But now we're seeing that even the mayor of New York is like, wow, wow, wow, wow wait a second. This is Gaston us a lot of money here too, because they've been bused up to New York. More of the vineyard, I think, exposed a lot of the not in my backyard, kind of sentiment. Look, it is a problem there in Texas. It's a problem for any of these border states, but let's not forget we're a federal system. Doesn't the entire federal government have to take responsibility here? How is it fair to put it all on a few states that happen to be physically located at that border? Well, the Supreme Court actually ruled that the federal government is responsible for immigration. The states can't step in and they can't enact laws that would allow them to expel or deport individuals to cross our borders illegally. That was already tested in the state of Arizona when they passed SB ten 70 and the Supreme Court shot that law down. So if you look at this when you look at everything that is going on, if it's not the federal government that steps to the plate, if it's not them that does their job, then all of this is going to continue to happen. We're going to continue to set records. We're going to continue to have deaths on the border. We're going to continue to have more fentanyl coming into the United States than we've ever seen before. We're going to continue to release more people into the United States. When you look at right now, we have released into the United States in the last two years, 4.5 million people have been rewarded for violating our laws. Across the border, illegally and got released in the United States. And then you add on top of that, the 1.2 million people that were able to cross the border illegally and evade apprehension. We've added more than 5 million people to our population just in the last two years alone. And these people entered the country illegally, and they were rewarded for their illegal acts. Look, and I'm not going to say that all people that come here illegally are bad. It's not true. There's plenty of good ones. But you go through the rap sheets, right? And you see a lot of people that happen to be here illegally. And it's so sad for the victims of those crimes because they don't deserve that. The one thing that a country ought to be able to do is know and control who is in it. And by the way, we're not outliers here like, well, we're an outlier and that we let everybody in. I mean, every other country in the world, it's not like I can go show up in Mexico and just hang out for the rest of my life. That wouldn't fly. Why are we allowing it here? Yeah, Trish. And we're not trying to disparage people that cross the borders illegally by any stretch of the imagination. What we want is we want the rule of law to be upheld. And if the rule of law is upheld, we stop all of the deaths. We stop these migrants from putting theirselves in the hands of these dangerous criminal cartels. Yes, there are a lot of people that cross our borders illegally that are good people, but they still violated the law. And unless there's accountability for violating the law, we're going to continue to encourage it. And that's what we have to do. When you listen to this administration and they talk about that they want an orderly and humane immigration system. What they've given us is the exact opposite. It's not orderly and it absolutely is not humane, especially when you look at all of the deaths. When you look at the children that are abused by these criminal organizations, these cartels, they're raped at times they're murdered. They are physically abused all the time, and we see it. And we have to deal with that. The agents on the frontline constantly have to deal with everything that we see every single day and we know that it's simply driven by policy. Yeah, you know, and there's a lot of unintended consequences. The last thinks they're being so wonderful.

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