Army sergeant who fatally shot BLM protester in Texas sentenced to 25 years as governor seeks pardon


An Uber driver who shot another armed white man in a Texas protest has received a lengthy sentence in a case that drew the attention of the Texas governor. This court census you to a term of 25 years in the Texas department of criminal justice. In Austin, Texas district judge Clifford Brown handed down the sentence Wednesday to Daniel Perry. Perry is white U.S. Army sergeant, serving at fort hood. He was working as a ride share driver when he shot and killed Garrett foster a white U.S. Air Force veteran who was legally carrying an AK-47 at a crowded George Floyd protest in July of 2020, Texas governor Greg Abbott said Perry was railroaded, and has requested a pardon recommendation, while prosecutors say Perry's social media history and text messages suggest he's a racist who might commit violence again. The victim's mother, Sheila foster, spoke in court. I pray to God. That one day he will get rid of all this hate that's in your heart. I'm Jennifer King.

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