Booker goes off for 38 points as Suns even series vs. Clippers


Moved up two in their opening round playoff series with the Atlanta Hawks beating the hawks one 19 one O 6. Jason Tatum had 29 points, the Celtics went on a late run to finish the hawks in this game. Phoenix says, even at series with the LA clippers at one one, Devin Booker with 38 points, leading the suns to a one 23 one O 9 win. The sun's rebought it from our disappointing game one, and they fell behind by 12 early in this one. The Cleveland Cavaliers avoided an O two hole. Darius Garland said in early tone, 26 of his 32 in the first half and the Cavs blew out the New York Knicks one O 7 to

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