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Make sure you do it because we have a lot of really cool content there. A lot of exclusive content for now. We give betting information betting tips that's not behind the paywall. That's free for everyone at all star. It will be going behind the paywall. So cash in on free money now. But yeah, it's great content and definitely worth the subscription. We're going to go through the power ranking in a moment and I'm going to end my rant with one more rant and then I'll let Rachel start talking. I want to remind the people that wind insider is an outlet. The goal of creating one cider was to put together a team of people dedicated and passionate about the W does the whole team agree on every take that we have as individuals. No, that's not the point. The point is to grow the game there should be disagreements debates and arguments in a respectful way. And our job is to grow the league by giving a platform for these hardworking individuals to not only get eyes on them and hopefully move on to bigger and better roles, but also to show the variety of pinions. In covering the W and obviously, like I said, in a respectful way and in the context of the women's basketball world. So let's go down this WNBA power ranking according to the insider staff. It's been pretty fun to do these things throughout the years because I think often power rankings can be kind of skewed by well national media. But let's dive in, Rachel. I'm going to run down the list. I'm going to throw the list in your face so that you can see it. It's in the chat. Oh, she's got it. Okay, never mind. Got it. And then let's see if we agree. There's some things I agree with some things I don't agree with. Well, and just so people know, this is actually a fun exercise. I know you asked me if I wanted to do this and then it just didn't happen. So I'm actually not a part of these power rankings. At least this one. So this is kind of the first time I've had a fresh set of eyes on it. So I am glad to give you my opinion. Rachel, giving the biggest cop out before no. So let's start with the obvious ones, right? Number one, number two. Las Vegas aces. We've talked about this until the season begins until someone dethrones the best. I don't see how, unless there's a huge roster movement. I don't see how you can remove them from being number one. They just won the championship. They added Candice Parker and Alicia Clark. And Caleb George. And removed some players who weren't providing the most in minutes or stats. So obviously Vegas, then New York, the other super team that was formed this off season arguably was completely formed this off season. Then we moved down. And I'm just, you know what? I'm just going to run down the whole list and then we can kind of just discuss where what we disagree with and so on. Washington, Connecticut, Phoenix, Atlanta, LA, Dallas, Minnesota, Chicago, Indiana, and Seattle. If there is one team, Rachel, that you think is in the right spot, either too high or too low, which do you think it is? Is the question that I think how can they be in the right spot if I think they're too high sorry, sorry, wrong spot, wrong spot. Just initial reactions, I think Minnesota is a little high. A little high, having them at 9, I think, is really generous right now. I think Dallas at 8 seems a little bit low, but I do think the news with diamond missing, you know, majority of the season that we kind of heard about yesterday. I guess makes me not as not hated as much. I think let's see. I think Indiana at 11 is solid. I mean, I think you could argue from a respect standpoint and a tradition standpoint in the last few years. Seattle should go above them. I think that's pretty harsh. Heaven Seattle at 12. Very much agree. No, but Rachel, Juul Lloyd, as the young up and comer. Like, here's my thing. I'm gonna get some flatter for this. I got some, I'm gonna get some flack for this, Rachel, answer me this, is there a single player on Indiana? All right, I'll put it this way. If you could draft from the Seattle or the Indiana roster, who's the first player you're picking? I don't know, it's hard for me not to not to really consider a list of Smith. Fair, but I feel like jewel Lloyd is the obvious choice as of now. All star established veteran mamba mentality, I agree. I mean, you look at dual Lloyd and yes, it's hard for me to put an Alyssa. Smith above her. That's for sure. I agree. And that's just why, in my opinion, if I think there's seeing Seattle at 12th, just rubs me the wrong way. I agree with Dallas being below below LA, honestly. Sorry, I agree with you on those two should flip. Because here's my thing. Call me crazy. I feel like there's the timing also matters, right? Because Rachel, I know we agreed, when diamond shields got traded to Dallas, we both had many questions of how is that going to work? So for me, seeing diamond out while I agree she's a good player, I still have questions of the fit. So it's not like this huge you're losing in all star WNBA champion. This is going to destroy the team. It's not like a huge knock in my mind. That would move them a place or two. That's just my opinion. Yeah, and I love what LA's doing. I think they had a good off season. I think, you know, the new regime there, Kurt Miller, like it's going to get better. I mean, good lord, it can't possibly get any worse. But, you know, to have him at 7, I would flip flop Dallas. I'd put Dallas in that 6, 7 category, debatable with Atlanta. I mean, still a lot to be seen from Atlanta. You know, it's promising. It looks really good, but I kind of put Atlanta in Dallas in that same spot because of different circumstances like right in the middle of the pack. I think LA should drop below Dallas at this point. What do you think about Minnesota and Chicago, especially considering now granted, I will say this, the numbers were tabulated well before I shouldn't say well before. Soon before the preseason game and I know it's a preseason game is only so much and also this was based on before some of these cuts happen, granted, I don't think any of the cuts, you know, move anybody on, you know what I mean? Like, I don't think who was it? Alexis Morris being cut by Connecticut, dropped them from three to fourth or and I'm just using her as an example. Or as we've seen the last few days, I will say, I mean, just to put it out there, I'm very surprised Chicago's final roster and the cutting of piano trailer. I mean, again, if we're just looking at pure rookies, that one was very surprising to me. There's a lot of question marks with Chicago just with it being such a brand new team. Sorry to cut you off. No, you're good. I don't know, yeah, I mean, I don't know. I guess I can see the logic of Minnesota kind of keeping a core together, being more consistent than a Chicago. I just think Chicago has more talent. So I would flip flop Minnesota and Chicago. But back to your point, no, I don't see any cut that's like complete game changer. The biggest news in my opinion is diamond missing time with Dallas. That's been the biggest blow that affects a team early on that we've seen. Fair, I would say the Isabel Harrison injury definitely impacts Chicago luckily happily. This has not been an off season of injury, right? We've had that historically. There's almost always, maybe I shouldn't have said that. I just feel like historically, at least over the last like 5 or so years. It's not just stewie. It's not just Alyssa Thomas. There's other people also that just like during the off season have gotten overseas injuries that have impacted whatever of the W the opening weekend, all of that. I think in general, the really interesting thing for me is kind of talking to different people in the W space, whether it's media, whether it's players, coaches, people in the know my dear friend, Rachel Gallagher. I think the interesting aspect for one of the interesting aspects is when you look at

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