FTX CEO's Legal Billings Hint at Comeback for the Exchange


It wouldn't be a Taco Tuesday without referencing some insanity regarding FTX. FTX's CEO's legal billings continue to hint at 2 .0 and now we've got something from the New York Times and I've actually got a hot take about this. Oh, I get to do the hot take first? Okay. So my hot take is that I actually think, and again, you guys are not financial guys, I think that the reboot of FTX is going to actually be a good thing. FTX really had a lot of great products and services that were available. However, they had absolute trash management. And I think if a mature responsible adult can actually take the money and be transparent, not use customer funds for weird things, then I think that the platform does have some sort of chance to do well. That sounds like creditor talk. It does not sound like it. No, I'm actually, I am an FTX US creditor, but I'm being serious. They really had great products and services. And one thing that Sam did well was he was able to communicate to his audience and pull or integrate things that they wanted, which was good. However, they just were scammers behind the scenes. So it sucks. So I don't know, maybe there will be some sort of good that comes out of this. Either way, I'm probably not going to touch it. And I'm not going to tell my audience about it. Did the things work though, Wendy? I mean, we don't have FTX here in Canada, but I heard they didn't really work all that well. They did. They did. Okay. A lot of users really like the interface. Like the UI on FTX was like pretty slick, et cetera. I don't think it's really going to happen. I mean, I think he's exploring all avenues, right? Because JJ Ray, the third, his mandate is to give as much money back to creditors as possible. And if this is a possibility for doing so, then sure, put some billable hours on there and indicate that you're at least thinking about it. Whether or not this will actually happen, I guess I'm a little bit less optimistic on this ever coming to pass, but this is the man's job. He's out there to make sure that people can get their money back to the best of his ability. And I think the fact that he's considering this is interesting. Maybe it's a bit little outside the box thinking, but bringing this back in some form may ultimately bring revenue in the door that could make creditors whole. So credit's in for thinking it, but I don't, I don't see it happening.

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