Cynthia Nixon Loses Democratic Primary for New York Governor


NPR news and the New York conversation. Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Dave Mattingly. Water rescues are ongoing this morning and parts of North Carolina where hurricane Florence has come ashore it made landfall near rights Phil beach, not far from Wilmington as a category. One storm in new Bern north of Wilmington more than one hundred people have been rescued from their homes. Some from rooftops because of heavy rains and storm. Search gene Hodges is the assistant manager of craven county had a mandatory evacuation was it. If you do decide to stay. We can't promise you that. We will be able to respond to you. So we tried to make that abundantly clear. We're trying to best to to help as many people as we can more than one and a half million people were told to evacuate ahead of Florence in the Carolinas and Virginia

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