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Otherwise, partly cloudy by this afternoon. Eighty four scattered morning storms cutting in the afternoon with more storms like the eighty four tomorrow Thursday, partly cloudy, Islip, dorm possible, high temperature of seventy four right now seventy six at your officials here weather station. News Radio seven forty KTAR. H let's get you up on this morning's top trending stories here. Sharon, give mornings seven fifty one on NewsRadio seven forty KTAR h voters across the nation headed to the polls today to cast their ballots in the midterm elections. Polls in Texas are open now until seven P M C and long lines. And what I'm looking at on the national screens right now. A jury convicts Terry Thompson here on murder charges in last year's chokehold death of another customer outside of Crosby area. Denny's. Well that river oaks take might have yet a new home high pro- high profile attorney Tony Busby who park that World War Two era tank in front of his mansion there in river oaks last year. He says he's going to donate it to Texas. Am where he is on the board of trustees.

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