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Light in my life were totally different. Do climb going off to survive? Self still alive or have to carry a protection against other gangs. At the same time. I'll have the freedom of choice. I knew what I was doing wrong. Also. Way out and the easy way. Landed me behind bars. The same day this Diana died. Nineteen ninety seven. I from Santa Barbara county jail nineteen ninety eight and we were caught about forty five minutes later, they charging with escape they struck me out on the three strikes rule, and they gave me fifty three years to life in prison. And even though I do not kill anyone or shooting me why during the fact robbery because of the California felony murder rule. I was also charged with murder. Protect america. I received two hundred years and then my team bullshit mighty nine. I was charged with. Three. And so that was an old alleged crimes that cut up with you. Yeah. They were from the science dang who actually murdered. My brother. Leaving. I will get my case over time to get off of death row. I would still have a life without parole..

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