Oracle earnings show another cloud miss, stock falls


Checked him with a few analysts, get their hot take on or. Results. Let me bring those to you. Joe fish bind over BT. I g telling me overall revenue cloud revenue and cash flow were slightly below expectations. Another quarter that shows their inability to appropriately guide the street and execute need to wait for the call for guidance, but stock reaction at aftermarket shows very low confidence. Even though the shares are very cheap relative to the rest of the market also checked in with Steve Koenig over Wedbush. Here's what he had to tell me on a constant currency basis. Oracle can argue that it met expectations, but this market has no patience for any MRs from tech companies, no matter how minor or how explainable the miss add to this. The setup for oracle shares is challenging because the stock has climbed from forty three posts that week q. four to over forty nine at the close today. And finally, Pat Pat wall ravens at j. saying, one interesting metric is at the platform, an infrastructure business, which is basically database accelerated from negative three percent to two percent on a constant currency basis. Meanwhile, the applications accelerated from. Mm four percent to seven percent on the call or cassava cats giving guidance here, Scott total revenue. She says, going from zero to two percent non gap EPS. She's calling for between seventy seven and seventy nine cents. That was a bit conservative relative to expectation, Scott. All right,

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