Bank robbery attempt in Murphy results in arrest



But that relationship soured few months later and ROY looking back and putting the pieces together decided to tell his story to the police as a result Dali was arrested and put on trial for Fred's murder. Things got even trickier when the police came to arrest her and noticed that her new lover Herman's Shapiro, a man who also happen to be her attorney was wearing a gold watch identical to the one that had been stolen in the robbery Shapiro explained that it had been a gift from Dolly. The clues were adding up and as the trial got underway. It became increasingly likely that Dolly would be charged with the murder of her husband. But there was one major flaw in the prosecution's arguments one that her lover and lawyer Herman Shapiro was quick to point out. If Dolly was the killer. How did she get locked inside the closet? Maybe some thought the really was a phantom after all..

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