Multistate listeria outbreak prompts recall of Vietnamese pork rolls



Listeria outbreak in several states has been traced back to Houston. Manufacturers. Vietnamese ready to eat pork products, the US center for disease control says that long Fung products here in Houston is recalling food items that were shipped nationwide as of last Tuesday at least four people have been hospitalized after eating long funds and Toby marinated, pork Patty roles, if you have any of those pork products dispose of them and disinfect refrigerator or freezer space, if the has been touched by any of those food products Cal fire says the camp fire now one hundred percent contained another body found in the wildfire aftermath bringing the known death toll to eighty five at one hundred fifty three thousand. Acres. The campfire is the most destructive in California history. It burned down thirteen thousand residences five hundred and fourteen commercial buildings in forty two hundred buildings of other kinds at ten o'clock today. Houston police chief art Escobedo and other members of HP D will announce the kickoff of the police departments thirty third annual Kameda food drive to feed those in need during the holiday season. The police department. The Houston city police academy alumni association, fiesta mart and Pepsi will. Again, join together to sponsor that Dr. KTAR news time one oh three. The CIA is conclude that Saudi Arabian crown prince, Mohammad bin Salman did order the killing of Saudi journalists Jamal kashogi, Tuesday, President Trump challenge, the is conclusion and continued to support the crown prince Republican Senator Ben Sassi has weighed in on the situation making a realist cases at different thing that being so weak that we failed to tell the truth and the S at murdered something contributed to murdering somebody abroad, and it is not strength to sort of mumble pass that strength is telling the truth, even when it's hard and that report from ABC news. Ralph breaks the internet. This weekend's top film in the United States and Canada and fifty six million dollars coming in second was created to. Starring Sylvester Stallone, Michael Jordan and dolph Lundgren and rounding it out where Dr Seuss's grant, fantastic beasts and bohemian rhapsody news on demand at Kate. Tear each dot com. Our next update at one thirty breaking information as it happens. John Wesley Downey NewsRadio seven forty KTAR h. Venus your style

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