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Trump fails to end New York lawsuit over his charity


The air force academy wants to catch up with demand for military pilots. The air force's short about two thousand pilots to help meet demand. The air force academy has been doing more to prepare cadets to become future. Aviators? This year's graduating class has more than five hundred cadets expected to go on to pilot training, pending commissioning twenty six percent increase over last year. It's possible. Son, cadets go through an abbreviated version of undergraduate pilot training to expedite the process. Rachel Sutherland, Fox News. The Troy police officer charged with fighting at a little league game. This summer has now been suspended Dominicana Conatel allegedly elbow. The vice president of the twin town little league in north greenbush. In the face impressed. His police badge onto his forehead Conatel has been implicated in four excessive force related allegations. Since twenty eleven it's unclear if the suspension is paid or unpaid Rensselaer city hall be closed Monday for city employees to attend the funeral services of the late mayor Dan Dwyer Dwyer died Tuesday at. At age eighty four after a lengthy battle with cancer. Visiting hours will be held today from three to eight o'clock at the WJ lions funeral home. In Rensselaer funeral services will take place Monday morning at ten o'clock at the church of St John the evangelist and Saint Joseph Richard Mooney has taken over the job on an interim basis. A NASA spacecraft is getting nearer to landing on Mars. The Mars insight. Lander is scheduled to touch down on the Martian surface at three o'clock eastern tomorrow. Nasr's Jet Propulsion Laboratory says the Mars mission will streak into the planet's atmosphere at twelve thousand miles per hour. And we'll be slowed by retro rockets and giant parachute. As it makes its seventy seven mile descent to the ground after landing the stationary probe late sixteen minutes for the dust to settle before unfurling solar panels that will give it power the landing takes place on a smooth Martian plain close to the planet's equator, the insight Lander will monitor seismic activity. Just sixteen feet underground to give scientists a better understanding of how Mars evolved w. Wjr news time coming up on ninety five. Now WGN sports

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Trump fails to end New York lawsuit over his charity

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