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Will be the fifty sixth straight game in which Tom Brady is a favourite that breaks the previous record for a quarterback who's record you'd think he broke. Steve, you know, it's interesting. The answer is Kurt Warner that Grady on turf, oh, what was favored in fifty five straight games from ninety nine to two thousand three nice and this offense that is coming into play New England on Sunday night one that a lot of people are comparing to that greatest show on turf in Kansas City. So as we look ahead to what is one of the really good games this weekend, maybe the best game this weekend, Kansas City at New England on Sunday night. Do you think we will learn more that in that game about just how good these chiefs are more just how good this year's patriots are. I'm gonna say we're going to learn more about the chief simply because of this. The patriots have been in many of these big gains before they know how to play in these types of games. And if they came out and put on one of their best performances offense in terms of controlling the clock, spreading the field horizontally vertically scored a bunch of points defensively. They came out and fundamentally without a way to slow down the chiefs offense. No one would be shocked. People will say that's Bill. That's Tom. That's what they've done for. The past thousand years, that's just what they do.

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