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Spokane woman still grieving her daughter's murder twenty two years ago. So she was disappointed by the state supreme court's decision to toss out the death penalty, Sherry shaver tells her partner. Excel why her reaction was similar to the day three years ago when governor Jay Inslee imposed a moratorium on execution. I instantly went. You're kidding me. And I just immediately I into tears shavers. Adult daughter was bludgeoned to death in nineteen Ninety-six. Dwayne woods was sentenced to death for the crime woods died in prison of a heart attack. Last year. Shaver believes the court's decision is unfair to grieving families can state Senator Mike patent is one of those who's also disappointed in the ruling. He believes the decision sends the wrong message to law enforcement officers who may be specifically targeted because they are the police concerned about our men and women in blue killed and targeted folks. Folks. Been they should be on the table in that case. The ruling did leave open the possibility the legislature could come up with a fix but patent says the current political climate makes that very unlikely it's been more than a year since the fatal shooting at Freeman high school outside Spokane and prosecutors still have not decided if the accused shooter will be tried as a juvenile thorn adult Caleb sharp is accused in the September twenty seventeen shooting of four classmates at Freeman high school we have an update from komo's Carleen Johnson. Well, three girls were injured and his friend was killed Sam stray hand tried to stop him another friend Michael Harper said that sharp had been acting bizarre in the days before messaged me over Facebook asking if I get them gasoline fuses tinfoil. And there's something else. And I told him. No and asked him why? And he says for a science experiment on in the past the.

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