YouTube adds feature films to view for free

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Talking tech is brought to you by wicks dot com with wicks you can use artificial design intelligence to create a stunning website right from your phone in five minutes or less. Just go to wicks dot com. That's W I X dot com and create your professional website today. Get out the popcorn. So in a world where YouTube is now being viewed on TV sets marks tablets. The video network has quietly added the -bility feature films for free YouTube cut a deal with movie studio MGM to offer over one hundred of its films. Most of them, you haven't heard of the ones you have heard, of course, would be the rocky and Pink Panther movies. The original Terminator, legally blonde. And then it all falls downhill from there missing in action or films from other studios like Twentieth Century, Fox, Walt Disney Sony, Warner Brothers and paramount. But it's a start, you know, that YouTube is best known as the home of the short video clip, although some of its creators who make videos for YouTube like Shane Dawson and Logan Paul have recently been experimenting with longer original productions additionally YouTube is embarked upon longer original says part of the YouTube premium offering which. Each offer an ad free way to watch in Kane access to exclusive content. So these YouTube films feature ads unless you subscribe to the nine ninety nine monthly YouTube premium offering they appeared directly under the collection of recently released films and TV shows that YouTube currently offers for rent and sale. I think of YouTube is a place to watch short video clips and highlights from comedy shows not full length films, but I checked out the movie section and they've got all the trend movies, and and more. I saw crazy risks crazy. Rich Asians is there. Disney's the incredible too. And they're even advertising current hits. Like a star is born in bohemian rhapsody in the coming soon section expect to pay around five dollars to rent twenty dollars to own YouTube. Also offers episodes and seasons of popular TV shows like AMC's better. Call Saul NBC's, the good place in the classic. I edition of Star Trek at three bucks per episode where ten dollars to fifteen dollars for the complete season similar pricing to how apple does it on I tunes and Amazon with prime video. Now, you may not have heard, but in recent weeks, there's been an outcry over AT&_T's decision to kill the film struck subscription movie services, which is one of the few places online. We're film fans could get access to watching old classics be a streaming think about it. When's the last time you found a classic movie on Netflix? There are a handful on Amazon prime video, but most of them you have to pay to watch it just check it out the next time one of the Hollywood greats dies like Neil, Simon. And then go try to find one of his his or her films to to watch streaming. It's pretty rough. Now, many film pants have wondered where today's generation we'd get the classics like Charlie Chaplin's city lights, duck soup by the Marx brothers or Casablanca with Humphrey Bogart in Ingrid. Bergman not on Netflix Amazon prime, but they are all available on YouTube Ditto for itunes in food do but they cost to ninety nine to three. Ninety nine to view, and that ten dollars monthly from films truck was clearly a better deal, what YouTube is doing with the film's makes a lot of sense because you may not be aware of this. But nearly twenty percent of YouTube Ewing now done on TV's either on smart sets with the built in YouTube app where via streaming players like Roku, apple TV which bring the YouTube app to TV sets. Are you watching movies on YouTube? Let me hear all about it on Twitter where I'm at Jefferson Graham, you've been listening to talking tech, please subscribe to the show on apple podcasts. Please favored the show on Stitcher. And thanks everyone for listening. Talking tech is brought to you by wicks dot com. When you're ready to get your website up and running you want to be able to do it quickly and efficiently and wicks dot com has got you covered. They developed artificial design intelligence that creates a stunning website for you with wicks, you can create your own professional website right from your phone, which means you can open your own online store portfolio or blog wherever you are. How's that for officiant? Just go to wicks dot com. Decide what you need a website for pick your style at your own images link your social accounts and just like that your website is ready. You look amazing on every device desktop and mobile and it takes less than five minutes. Plus, you can do it with one hand. So it's time to get started. Go to wicks dot com. That's W I X dot com and create your very own beautiful professional website today.

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