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The school and in the best interests of the safety of the students and staff decision was we made to evacuate both buildings the freshman and senior campus in order for us to search it to determine if there any credibility to the threat or not seven bomb-sniffing dogs were brought into comb the campus, and no explosives were found. I Chicago police officer was shot this afternoon when a gun accident discharged. Here's WGN's Kim, Gordon shooting happened while the officer was in his car police spokesperson, Anthony googly EMMY says the officer was talking alert and in good spirits when he was taken to the hosp. Title in stable condition. The shooting prompted police superintendent Eddie Johnson and his staff to leave the police department's budget hearing at city hall, this villian office at police accountability is investigating Kim. Gordon, WGN news woman sexually assaulted on. A United flight is suing the airline the Chicago based airline is accused of failing to protect Katie Campos from Michael Hildebrand during a flight from New Jersey to buffalo last December. This is turn Craig Tobin. I do believe there are policies that they have in place that say if a passenger is that they can refuse him transportation on that flight. Yeah. That should have happened here and it didn't. And it seems like every time there was an opportunity to prevent this from happening or lessen the seriousness of it. Nobody did anything Hildebrand pleaded guilty to a federal assault charge and await sentencing there will be increased police presence and Rogers park on Halloween. So residents feel safe taking your kids trick or treating this after two men were shot and killed in separate incidents. Earlier this month alderman Joe Moore's encourage right? Encouraging residents rather to enjoy the holiday vigilant be go out trick or treating. I would encourage you to join a group, and he says the trunk or treating Willie white park on Howard street from three until five and President Trump and first lady Milania are at a hospital visiting with the victims of a shooting at a Pittsburgh synagogue that left eleven people dead as the presidential motorcade rolled up to the university of Pittsburgh.

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