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Stories are new supreme court Justice hearings. Hurricane hits North Carolina and the death count in Puerto Rico is anyone's guess, but the major story is the Julia Salazar Windsor, New York state primary. Julia is a freshly minted socialist, she said, she came here from poverty and Colombia and his Jewish. Actually, she was born in Florida and has hundreds of thousands in a trust fund while in college. She was accused of Bank fraud clearly over qualified to be a politician. Here's what recently-knighted New York Senator Charles Schumer feels about the brand new socialist Julius Salazar's win was implemented in a way that created chaos and confusion across the country. We asked Trump deplorables for their reaction to the most important election in history. The election of a so. Socialist revelation Julius Salazar of New York to a state Senate seat. Oh my gosh. What did the trailer park manager do with the garbage cans, stay are all over the place? Raccoons couldn't have done all of this. I paid the rent. I'm not in the mood for this. Where is the cooler? Go tribe across the country. Bells are ringing and democratic strongholds for the win of. Julia Salazar to the New York state Senate, Jim Kelly Oppy has this report from the homeless street tents in San Francisco. We asked San Franciscans if they were at all concerned, the joyous Salazar of New York had probably lied about being Jewish was an antiabortion Christian while in college didn't actually graduate from college claimed to be an immigrant, but was born and slow. And said she was poor. When in fact, she has a fat trust fund. Commenting on the allegations of inappropriate sex by former CBS CEO, les Moonves says fellow liberal Lorne Michaels of Saturday Night Live fame says I was watching the show all surprise you into Harvey Weinstein. New york. Public radio is grateful for its supporters. This episode of the usual edition made possible by the estate of Bob Ross, sometimes sometimes sometimes it's fun. To take and reflect a mountain right into the water. Next time on the usual addition our team of over eight hundred reporters with on facial hair and Twenty-three, Sarah, Lawrence college, interns, reveals the connection between the destruction caused by hurricane Florence on. The recent tweet of orange man now obscure jazz mandatory on all public radio shows.

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