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Now I am joined by Juliet Littman to have a shot about bodyguard. Okay. Julia. I've watched on episode five I have not watched episode five, but I'm on episode five. And so this will be a spoiler inclusive episode taking in the first four episodes finished bodyguard. Yes has finished bodyguard. Cayenne, I on the money team with her eyes on Monday when I sit she said, did you watch bodyguard? And I was like watching episode about how about you. She's like watch all I detest around that is nothing wrong with it. In fact, it just makes me feel ashamed as a television podcast her. I wish I had more. I'm like, what do I do? Now. That's a great way to start it off. Yeah. What an incredibly paced show such an amazing like return on investment. You know, does it remind you of homeland. They reminds me of how I felt I season homeland me tale. It's like a feeling I have a TV feeling. I haven't felt in a while, which is exhilarating siding. So I think they I I'm curious about. This. I came to you this morning, and you know, in the third episode of the end of the third episode of bodyguard, they're huge spoiler. Warning. We're spoiling force even sow just one more warning. Here you go. There's an explosion at a speech that the home secretary. Julia Montague extra secretary secretary. How did I sit home state, which is call her mom? There's an explosion at a species giving a college and she passes away from her injuries. She dies from her. She blows. Yeah. It's not funny. No. But I found myself immediately just kind of being like that's not why I was watching the show. I was watching the show because of the central tension between David and Julia, and this idea that they could be so politically and sort of philosophically apart. But so close together in other ways till you're saying you're like shocked bummed that she I was very very ended a romance. And I was very into the tension that they had on screen, and you're saying that you obviously the show's pivoting towards unraveling this conspiracy around Julia's death, Cheryl, but were you disappointed to see that the way it was happening that she died. Yeah. No. I wasn't at all. I didn't really care what their romance. And I'm a big romance person. Obviously, I love melodrama, and I love a soap opera, but I didn't find it that believable. And that's because I really like the show. I find Richard Madden's character a little confused. Ding has so. I can't tell what his true motivation is like is it to be a patriot. Is it choose to avenge the deaths of his friends and Afghantistan? Yeah. Is it is it to pursue a political agenda? I've finished the season as discussed completely know. And to me, that's a failure of writing not acting. Whereas with his counterpart on game of thrones can Harrington. I'd be like, yeah. That guy's the worst actor. So this is the first British television show that has been sort of presented initially is somewhat limited series and turned into a juggernaut. And they've done another series of it's a broad church is not unlike this where if you watch broad church, you're not like what's going to happen in season two broad church. Love Brocher broad church students so popular they were like, well, we have to do something. The fall is lost like that. Would Jamie Dornan Gillian Anderson where they were just like it was pretty much like a who done it like cat and mouse thriller, and then they teased it out for another three or four seasons. Now, you can kind of get away with that England 'cause you can just do a four episode show like. They do Sherlock. Sometimes just three. Yeah. But I do think that this was something where the popularity of bodyguard might have actually changed the way because there's going to be a second season of this show. So it might have changed the perception of

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