All You Need To Know About The 2018 Ryder Cup

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All right. Let's transition over to the Gulf side of things here because I want to make sure that we've got some time to talk about the Ryder Cup on the twenty sixteen Ryder Cup at Hazeltine was probably the most invested. I've been in golf in a very, very long time. It was a great event to watch. Obviously, you had Patrick Reed and Rory mcilroy going back and forth. You know, I'm expecting a very high energy environment here over in France with the twenty eight team version at the golf national. This is also the site of the Olympics in twenty and twenty four. So we can do a little bit of handicapping on the course for that as we've got five rookies on team Europe, I believe three rookies on the US team. This is a match play format. Friday, you've got foursomes and fourballs four balls would be the alter. The better ball foursomes would be alternate-shot same thing on Saturday, twelve individual matches on Sunday. So that's how will break down the format here for the Ryder Cup and Ryan. Let's start with a look at the. Course because this is a situation here where the European team has a distinct advantage over the US team. Here angel. So the Europeans majority, of course, very, very well. Handful, the Americans played in that event of, I think on the course side of things, it's narrow. There's a lot of water, but it's match-play so. Just generally speaking. The difference here is there guys that can just don't win because they always say snowman somewhere over four days. They have also or two that shoots themselves out of a tournament. This is, you know, scratch it off, get onto the next hole. So the guys that can be be stars in this kind of format of the aren't necessarily the guys go out and win tournaments. Justin Rose is number one of the world's great. He's he manages golf courses. B doesn't take himself out of gulp Jim, but he's the number one player in the world.

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