LeBron James in talks to produce 'Friday the 13th' reboot


Friday the thirteenth of Bron James and talks to produce the reboot what? Yeah. Why. Why? Yeah. James is said to me a huge horror fan and if you recall, wait what the thirteen? Oh yeah. Friday the thirteenth. What's yeah. Yeah. Yeah. All right. Whatever sure he says fry, thirteenth, Jason, four. He's one of my favorites. Still understand how we caught people running and he just walked though. And then he said that he's all this thug guy. Yeah, the news, the news comes on the heels of original Friday, the thirteenth screenwriter prevailing at of a long legal battle in which the court granted summary judgment in favor of Miller against the producers who were this. The video game was also all tied up in here. The original screenwriter was trying to get the rights back, but apparently he is in talks with vertigo entertainment to produce the reboot. Listen, put them in it, not gonna work, then I'll watch it. Yeah, LeBron James. Yeah, yes, definitely. All. But this isn't going to work. Yeah. The last one didn't either, and yeah, those are time and place thing. Jason's too ridiculous. The is too flimsy, not. I can't do this. It's only charming. It's eighties charming. Yes. Yeah. And but he even the nineties ones where we're like, yeah, you're not doing it right next. Just next. Time for that one? Yeah, I like moments of it, but I really feel like it's not well. It's fucking not. It's friday. Fuck. Yeah, they're all bad. They're all like mostly bad, but they're fun. Yeah. And like that one into space, one that kills three of the kills are fucking dining, so. Good. Yeah, it's true. You'll narrow. It's not like nightmare where the first one's great, no straight. They're all bad there. Some than others. I really liked part two. I think part to gets pretty close to being legitimately. Good head. Yeah, and has a great final girl. I just think that one's pretty good. It's pretty good. Yeah. Final chapter is ridiculous. A lot. I love the third, Tommy Jarvis one? Yeah, with the Dombi JC. That's a good time, but it's so stupid. Shit. Yeah. Yeah. Like it's it's a fucking boring. Dump pieces. Shit, really fun stuff. Yeah, not getting there. Yeah, in the shit in this shit, did you guys have any news on your mind? News on my mind. Okay. Your walnuts are talking about things that we watched. Okay, ready? Yeah, sure. I got things. All right. What do you got? I got a thing I watched called the rage carry two. Oh, nice. Yeah, rage, Kerry to listeners will remember last week I came up to bat hard for rage carry too. Yeah, I really like it. Yes. What's raids carry to Harry to? Yeah, Zeke will to carry. Yeah, it's called the rage colon, Gary two colon, Kerry too. Is this the one with the, the new one, it's from the two thousand two thousand. Twin in it. Yeah. What Jason? Jeremy Wright, talented, one. You decide. Mallrats confused. Yeah, this is dazed confused guy. Yeah. Anyway, he plays Kerry. Yeah. Yeah, everyone is a one man show. Yeah. Yeah, that's a man would watch. Yeah to so. Yeah, never. I've never seen this like, Nope, not doing this. Yeah, so thin and I watched it. She heard the episode and I was like, all right, let's do the rain. Find out what's going on here? Yeah, that's a pretty good movie. Thank God. My heart was in my throat there for a second leave -able how poignant it is. I agree with with the the line today, a very forward thinking very on movie about toxic mass, and it's women are treated at school in totally world at large. Goes into like heavy like the up to the kids just being so worried about, like, how is my assaulting a woman gonna affect my job or like my school like applications. That's all they care about. It's like pretty good. Yeah. Yeah.

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