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I mean, I think that a lot of GM's have promised potential gyms that ultimately become hired promised big gains in free agency a lot as we saw even with LeBron James. I know he's not at all l. andbranch exactly all time. Great. What Mehta Johnson, but it does matter relating to these players and be having played not too long ago, unbranded, obviously, super respected, and you know the Sixers are at that point in their, you know, their profits where I think that they, you know, they need a recruiter there. Some aspects you could've kept out and Brandon, a lesser role probably and still ahead that impact couldn't. Couldn't you hire like like your son Roseau's. Who from the rockets who was my choice and just make Elton brand the the, the associate, whatever these OC. Yeah, whatever he of. Right? Yeah, yeah. Yeah. VP fee VP player personnel for the Sixers instead of four, the blue, whatever blue coats or whatever their name is. Yeah, no, I I agree. I was playing devil's advocate a little bit there, but hopefully grows into the role. But right now, it's a rough. It's a, it's like, I don't know, like a pistons move like rolling the dice for franchise. I didn't need to do that. Yeah. Well, exciting news for the Chicago Bulls today to as you came to terms with? No, I'm sure you saw right aunt, you. I don't. I don't think I know what you're talking about you. One of the greatest players in the Philadelphia seventy Sixers tanking history. No come on Jakhar Samson now is Chicago. Wait point car as we called him. I honestly don't know that that is up yours. Ears who are going to know who Jakhar Sampson is. By the end of the season, I assure you that he is a personality great guy to have on your team, not particularly skilled at basketball. Guide have on your team can't wait. Well, you lost the Lawson David WADA. So you need to need that defensive wing who can't shoot nora's actually decent. I tried to train for him two years ago high. No, I would have been more than happy to do that in retrospect, obviously. Yeah, me too. Funny how that works out. Things went so bad for both of our franchises that looks like an appealing move and Heinsohn. I don't think they went that bad for you. But yeah, I mean, the terms of held that particular player was dealt with sure how that asset was realized over done. I got you. Yeah, we, we ended up giving up a second round pick just so that we could cut the the undersized power forward whose name escapes me right now. Couldn't tell you, oh, it's gonna drive me crazy. But what are you gonna do I wanna talk about? I wanna talk about another basketball thing, and that's the mess that is in Minnesota right now. Jimmy Butler probably wants to be traded. He hates has not made any attempts to hide the fact that he does not like Karl Anthony towns and Andrew Wiggins very much. That's. Good wanting their though towns of very nice kid. Very nice kid. Jimmy Butler does nothing but criticise. Guy and open won't. I thought the thing was town said he won't sign an extension with Minnesota until they talked about and figure out is relation talking to Butler and keeping Jimmy Butler are two very different things. My friend. Talking to Butler is..

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