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I didn't like it, but I kinda got it just because the ball is away and it just it's claim that he should. He should've known not to hold up their hold up. Yeah, and I think that he almost admitted after the game like that was not great. Luckily they want, so it didn't matter as much the next two. And specifically the third one was just absurd like, yeah, perfect tackle. I mean, it's literally a perfect tackle. I I really don't see at all what the call was. I know that they call the body weight thing, but you know, there's no way physics wise for him to make that hit and not, you know, not tackle them, and then we saw the injury that resulted in tornado yell. Yeah, William Hayes. Thank you. Yeah. And so you know, that's really what it would have taken for Matthews did not make that play. So I that call to me, I think is gonna end up being the tipping point. This whole thing is that that was as. -olutely absurd. Yeah, I think it was, I think, will Blackmon said on Twitter that it seems like the NFL is much more concerned with the health of the quarterbacks than any other position. Oh, yeah. I mean, that's definitely the case. I, you know, they call it the Rogers rule because of the the hit that he took from Anthony Barr last year. But these are nothing like that. I mean, they are. They're extrapolating, those hits are like just any hit the quarterback from that, and I just don't get it like I really, I don't wanna go down this road too much. 'cause I just think it's so frustrating and no one knew anything about it, but it's really been a huge, you know, black eye on this season, I think, yeah, we're getting dangerously close to playing two hand touch for the quarterback, but only for the quarterback, but don't quarterback exactly and only only in certain situations when he's inside the pocket and and with the ability to throw the football, you know? Yeah, she's such so dumb. The. Yeah, I agree. I thought my Florio's Mike Florio very interesting thought which was to treat quarterbacks like prompters literally. So I mean, one of my friends actually brought up the interesting idea of like, what, what do you do about pump fakes on. But other than that, like it really is like a punter just treat 'em Lega punter to second. He gets rid of the ball. You know he's gotta be basically untouched because you deem to be too vulnerable after the throwing motion. But again, what do you do pump fakes and we'll see that man. Can they because that's seems like a fundamental flaw in this. Right? Right. And honestly, that Matthews it, he's still, you know, he's still got the ball on that plan on how that goes. So and even Alex Smith after they gained by the way goes, yeah, that's just a football play. So I don't know. It's it's a such a just an awful awful thing to have cloud. What's been a really fun start to the season? I think it's interesting when the quarterback. Are the guys saying it's bad call? Yeah, exactly. Rothlisberger said the same thing this week. You're not playing football anymore, and it's it's kind of a masculine to the quarterbacks to, oh, absolutely. No longer real football players. You're a demure little fella and you need to be protected. Yeah. And now it's, that's well that it is. It's like you are now, you know, punters and kickers obviously get made fun of as we saw with Greg Williams in hard knocks. But part of that is is because of these hips that they're not allowed to take. They're not real football players in the minds of coaches and players are other players. And so you know, when you get to that point where you're making those calls on the quarterback, that's where we're at. Agreed. It's, it's an unfortunate situation. It's just you're right. We're headed down such a dangerous path and the NFL and I don't think anybody really knows how to deal with it, but we're going to move on..

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